Draksar Alchemist (and new Commands for SL)

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    "Draksar Alchemist" or "Draksar Plague Doctor"
    Lore: Using a failed copy of the "perfectum cerum" imbued with amplifying magic the draksar alchemists (or plague doctors) managed to create a substance to rush their armies metabolism at will.

    Art: A Draksar in a hooded robe with several belts with many potions with different colors (and a couple Grenade looking potions too). Hood covers most of his head but horns come out through it (Look at Judge Toriens hood). Its face is covered with one of those medieval plague doctor mask but instead of the mask looking like a bird it looks like a dragon (or a draconic steampunk mask)
    *pic for reference:

    Atk: 10
    Spd: 6
    Rng: 4-5
    Def: 1
    HP: 40

    Basic Attack (Acid)
    *Command: Regeneration (Friendly champs within 4 spaces heal 3HP for each rank of Regeneration they have.)

    Grant: Rage Potion (6)
    Grant: Stoneskin Potion (8)
    Grant: Draconic Force (7)

    Corrosive Grenade (8)
    Empowered (12)
    Quest: Support Ally (12)

    So this is my idea for a draksar alchemist, its base abilities are the new "command" and empathy for synergy.
    For the Upgrade Paths i wanted to keep the options "balanced" so none of them are "auto".
    On the first line it has grant abilities (i avoided the action potion, ap gen tends to be too autoinclude).
    On the second line you get to pick the secondary role, AoE damage+debuff with the Grenade, a tanky ability that grants instant Regen 3 and an aura (so it can command itself to heal) or QuestSA to earn Regen ranks and after using the Up1 abilities four times gain healmass too, (having 2 AoE heals is really strong and makes you consider it over Grenade and Empowered).

    I feel that this champ overall would be a good include with any of its upgrades as valid builds.

    *Other "Commands" to work with Regeneration and SL font effects:
    Command: Regeneration (Friendly champs within 4 spaces heal 3HP for each rank of Regeneration they have).

    Command: Metabolic Rage (Friendly champs within 4 spaces heal 2HP and gain 1Dmg for 2 turns for each rank of Regeneration they have), this would work awesomly with "Empowered" from Up2.

    Command: Immune Trigger (Friendly champs within 4 spaces heal 2hp for each rank of Regeneration they have, if affected champeons have Regeneration 3 they are also cleansed)

    Hey @Sokolov whats the state of the draksar rework? a few months back everyone was really excited about it in the SL forums, i know that with expacs 29 and 30 and the PS release it wont happen in the near future but is there anything we can brainstorm again in the forums to help you with that?
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    oh my love the working with regen...
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