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Discussion in 'Sundered Lands' started by Ujelly, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Ujelly

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    Hey I've started to play with sl. Had no problems playin skeezick and dragons but I Hitt a brick wall with this theme especially in the deck building. Could some vets around here post they're draksar bgs and give explication on why they picked such and such instead of rune B. Then will you guys give some pointers on the fundementals of that theme. And how it plays out and some examples of tricks / good moves ... I'm sure I'm missing these things. Lol I mean I'm getting stomped playing draksar. Thanks.

    BTW sl forum is dead! Whats up with that is sl weak right now.? Thanks again guys
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    Draksar have a few different playstyle possible theese days or a combination of the few.

    Sundered exploit
    Cull, AP negation
    Phalanx, boost as much possible Defender and such make use of Violence alot, Battlemaster, Shroud, Enduring Aura, Nexus Aura and such.

    I dont have a Draksar BG at the moment, Aint really a pro either :) Can see if i can post a BG example in some days
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    @Agirgis1 was it you or @mw24 that played draks back in the day for a while and was pretty good with them
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    ooh found it

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    I was wondering about this too. I bought some new packs and got the new draksar. There are so many draksar now which are meta even?
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  7. sWeNibor

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    2nd Armored Draksar.PNG

    This is what i am testing at the moment budget on what i have and if i find stuff worthy of getting another. More armor based, Trying out the spells Vex Cor pram and honest misstake, Also trying Thunder/Bonesplitter Maul. Bone splitter works awesomly with Gunner So 1 round execute and BOOM, and Piercing shot the next one and then again execute stuff. Thunder doesnt work with attack Cannon :( had to try so Rocketeer might go and the Patrol is bad but he got a GUN and a neat relic but still not really worth it, Terminus dude still testing, Havent deployed him enough to make a difference.

    Edit will get another Shieldwarden He is tha BOSS, With the Hunchback as Boss 2 and Legionare/Centurion/Templar to make em even more tanky.

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