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    hmm, so can I just give you a few good pics and you do what you can do with them? I really have no real preference just want a mass of green skins with the quote and warboss name.

    As for the border, I don't know if i'll be able to clean it up perfectly so do you have any good looking red borders that have a wood appearance that can have a lil horned skull on it?
  2. Dwlr

    Dwlr I need me some PIE!

    Woffleet: Hope this is what you meant by stone spires, I didn't put the skulls on the border since there are only a few skulls that can be cut to actually overlap on the banner and then for the other side they'd have to be mirrored, partly didn't want to cut them out if you didn't like the banner either but also to make sure that was okay before I did. The group of skulls wouldn't cover the entire side it'd also require some downsizing on the banner to fit them within a reasonable length. The group of skulls that can be use is the bunch along the right side of the tree, the one with 2 horns, the two humanish looking ones and the one in the background with two horns, the Ghern skulls on the top wouldn't fit along the side of the banner and the ones cut off by the tree wouldn't form a suitable border either. I'll cut the ones that will work if you still want them, but the banenr without them: [​IMG]

    What game is it? If you're not picky about it I might be able to find a few pics I can simply merge pieces together fit your request just to get a mass or orks on one image.

    If you can get a screen shot of the standard hud I've cut straight huds before, but that'd give me an idea of what you're looking for either way.
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    Check out warhammer 40k/warhammer fantasy stuff, I like the 40k better though. The game hud is from soulstorm, http://static.giantbomb.com/uploads/original/0/4086/290785-7.jpg that hud on the bottom is what i'd like as a border so if you can work with it there it is

    and please just ask if you have anything from ronin that you need so I can see what I can do
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  4. Dwlr

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    Looking at it I think I can cut it straight out of the screen. That looks like metal painted red matte to me not wood since it looks like there are rivets in it not nails or bolts or anything like that, but that doesn't really matter.

    Last time I was here the game wouldn't run for me that's part of why I left when I did. I tried to load it up still having problems, but I haven't messed with it too much yet. I didn't get anything from the Ronin expansion as I've just been back for a couple of days now. I want to make sure I can help you before accepting anything, but from the new expansion Savage Tundra and Forglar Swamp are the ones that caught my eye this time.

    ChiaoLung: Due to the ship and overlap on the elf on the left I had to fog up more than I intended, just to balance it out a bit a did the same over the seeker. The ghosted Menalaus is the original colored one.
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    sounds good man
  6. Dwlr

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    Covah: I couldn't get an armory I could use the ironfist coat of arms in so I merged the Elemental Warstaff and Aria together using their natural backgrounds and added the coat of arms in the corner as per the original request.
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    That's perfect! Thank you so so much :D

    Edit: Wait I just realized it says Inquisitor insted of Inquisition. Would it be possible to change that? Sorry I didn't realize I typed Inquisitor >.<
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  8. Dwlr

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  9. Cydna

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    Thank you and sorry about that.
  10. Dwlr

    Dwlr I need me some PIE!

    Changing text isn't a big deal.

    Qucas: Even though it's axiomatically wrong since Sailor Jupiter isn't even the best sailor scout one sig with Erza and Jupiter and failing petals, to add to it I threw together a pink background.
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    Beautiful mate! Much appreciated! Cant wait to see what you come up with. Cheers man.
  12. Vothsaire

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    Thank you!
  13. ChiaoLung

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    It looks great! Thank you! I put up a couple of exotics for you.
  14. ShionNR

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    I'd like to ask for an avatar using the Elder Bloodbinder, I don't have any preference on details so I'll just leave it to you. Thank you~
  15. Qucas

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    Awesome, thank you!
  16. damnfoolishyeti

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    I'm not really sure how to go about this so here goes.
    1)render Mosharn/Wall of ailur
    2) text "My shield is here for you" in the middle in an icy text? if that made sense to you. And the bottom corner or top corner(which ever is darker but won't overlap the render heavily) "Damnfoolishyeti" In a dark blue.
    3) I guess I covered font, if it wasn't good enough or you couldn't find anything. Do pointed shard like texts in light blue.
    4) The limit you set up. 500x200 or vice versa
    5) style maybe mountainous look, to contrast the brighter text and images? Not to be vague but Rough terrain looking theme.
    6) Border it in a way that makes you feel comfortable, if you don't think it needs one don't bother.

    Great work on them by the way, the Pirahnid Tempest one is so edgy and fresh.
  17. Markoth

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    You know you love me...
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  18. doubtofbuddha

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    1) Firk Psy-Sentry
    2) N/A
    3) N/A
    4) 200 by 200
    5) Just the general style you use for the other avatars. I like it quite a bit.
    7) Default is fine.
  19. Agirgis1

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    Request Form
    1) Maxxarek , Maybe surrounded with the Under-depths logo or something with similar idea
    2) The Underdepth's Prince.
    3) Maybe something demon like , in red maybe? assuming it fits
    4) N/A
    5) Just a dark black/red demon feeling
    6) N/A
  20. Woffleet

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    THankyou THankyou Thankyou! The only Improvement I could suggest is to add the skull totem in the background as a canyon. Other than that Perfect!

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