Emkayemeff, the Melter (a new Hyaenid)

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  1. phdstax

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    Rune Name: Emkayemeff, the Melter
    Faction: Shattered Peaks
    Race: Hyaenid, Class: Brute, Size: Small, Rarity: Exotic
    Artwork: ?
    Flavor-Text: "My kind melts faces. If you harm my kind, I will melt your face."
    Nora Cost: 76-84

    Champion Stats
    DAM: 10, SPD: 7, RNG: 1-3, DEF: 3, HP: 45 (+53 nora)

    Champion Abilities
    Attack: Fire (+2 nora)
    Racial Meltdown (+7 nora, When a champion within 5 spaces with the same race gets attacked, this champ gets Burn 3, Fester, and Defiling Aura for 4 turns. CD 4, AP 2).
    Dogpile (+4 nora)

    Upgrade Ability Set #1
    Dragging Attack (+4 nora)
    Clamp (+6 nora)
    Call of the Hunter (+6 nora)

    Upgrade Ability Set #2
    Evasive 2 (+6 nora)
    Deflect Fire (+12 nora)

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  3. gamengamenut

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    but then Hydraxor is named...and.....exo....and Akakios...they aint heros
  4. phdstax

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    and Thirion
  5. IronStylus

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    I like clamp on 1-3 ranged exo unit but too low hppppp

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