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Discussion in 'Videos' started by EternalSeito, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. EternalSeito

    EternalSeito Member

    A new YouTube channel by which I explore my artistic talents (or so I think lol), coming soon.

    I am an old Poxer who dreams of making art for PoxNora one day. So this channel will help everyone to see my progress and someday act as a portfolio to DOG.

    Stay tuned! :)
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  2. EternalSeito

    EternalSeito Member

    A lot of the setting up work is done. Hopefully will launch on new year's eve. Wooo Hooo!

    PS: If this thread needs to go to off topic, then I request a moderator to please move it. Thanks!
  3. Markoth

    Markoth Lord Inquisitor

    You are good. New content is always welcome.
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  4. EternalSeito

    EternalSeito Member

    Thank you.
  5. Sokolov

    Sokolov The One True Cactuar Desert Owl Games

    Looking forward to it!
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  6. EternalSeito

    EternalSeito Member

    Uh oh, did I hype it up too much? lol :p
  7. EternalSeito

    EternalSeito Member

    First look. Banner page. Will be improving upon it.

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  8. EternalSeito

    EternalSeito Member

    It's finally here amigos! It was a long hard battle, but I finally managed to win against the atrocities of video editing lol. Here's my very first video, enjoy!

    Your thoughts are most welcome. I definitely have a long way to go... Please like, share and subscribe if you want to see more. ;)

  9. nepyonisdead

    nepyonisdead I need me some PIE!

    the only thing i love more than the drawing itself is your taste of music.... well done my man :) all the best
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  10. MaruXV

    MaruXV Corgi Lord of FW

    the only thing i fear more than death is nep's musical taste. now i'm scared and cannot open the video...
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  11. EternalSeito

    EternalSeito Member

    Oh man you have no idea how much that means to me.. I scouted day and night for the music tracks that I wanted to use. :)

    Not all royalty free music is good. If anyone has a good source for freemium music tracks lemme know. Every video might require 2-3 music tracks (depending upon the length of the track of course). So keeping a few good ones that I can mix and match for the future will be helpful. ;)
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  12. EternalSeito

    EternalSeito Member

    But it's good, especially the last track. Surprisingly, that too was released yesterday under no copyrights music. Serendipitous! :D
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  13. EternalSeito

    EternalSeito Member

    Forum banner works, hurray!
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  14. Silveraine

    Silveraine I need me some PIE!

    Now do an Eevee!
  15. EternalSeito

    EternalSeito Member

    Love the idea, I'll get to all 150 original Pokemon (not all at once though lol). Thanks for the like.

    Please share it with your friends as that's the best way it would help me grow.
  16. EternalSeito

    EternalSeito Member

    New video coming out in 12 hours!

    I had a major failure last week where my video file got corrupted and I did not have a backup. This time I made 3 copies in three different devices muhuhahaha.
  17. EternalSeito

    EternalSeito Member

    Brand new video out now! This was done in less than half a day after the little mishap that happened over the weekend. Althought that drawing turned out better, this one is pretty kewl too!

    Please like and share this video with your friends, as any help is greatly appreciated since I'm just starting out.

    Also consider subscribing if you like these kind of stuff. ;)

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  18. EternalSeito

    EternalSeito Member

    Anyone has ideas about making some epic thumbnails? I feel I'm lacking.
  19. EternalSeito

    EternalSeito Member

    Whop Whop.. We back again. Check out this awesome style. Reminds me of Mickey. :rolleyes:

  20. EternalSeito

    EternalSeito Member

    Aaaaannnndddd we are back again people.. Things have been slow recently so I have been inconsistent. I'll pick up soon. Here you go, happy women's day!


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