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    Spell 25 Nora

    To the Bok, loyalty is necessary. When someone has shown any measure of disloyalty, they are punished. Treason is punished with banishment, a fate worse than death to the Nefari.

    Target real owned champion gains Soulsift 1, Defiled, Pacified, Wandering, Pariah and Warding and the 3 closest friendly champions within 8 spaces gain Loyalty (This champion gains +3 DMG, +1 DEF, and +5 HP as long as all deployed units that you own share a faction with it).

    I started using this spell recently and I love it. I've been using it in my lava BG recently. I split my magma bunnies and use it on the bunny that isn't the clone so I get some nora back if it dies. I was thinking of other good targets as well. I was thinking that scorched dwarf would be a good target or the captive lorekeeper. Can you guys think of any other good targets for this spell? For 25 nora it's worth it.

    Another good spell combination that I found with this was first doing eye for eye and then casting Exile on the same guy.
  2. badgerale

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    To be honest, I didn't even know this spell existed. Pretty sure Exile used to do something different but must have been changed (probably due to ipox).

    Looks like it has potential.
  3. Burcho

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    Ghalroonling if you can still antagonize, with favour the spell is only 20 nora and if he dies, you get 20 nora back.
    A shadowspawned altered lemure. Poison aura and mischief are still usable.
    Deep elf summoner, summoning and invigorating would still work I think, with a summoned imp you can block pathing to keep the wandering in control.
    a split imp trickster?

    others might have a more useful ideas
  4. Agirgis1

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    I saw the potential of this spell before, yes the best target was the dwarf just after revamp when he could walk without lumbering

    I decided not to run it due to lack of space and i was building different style bgs

    It has potential , but not in all UD style bgs
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    It hasnt changed recently, yall just overlooked it :). I ran it with stitched instead of sacrafice. It grants soulsift whiche makes it awesome. On a stealthed dreameater, he still triggers dreameater even tho hes exiled. Its one of my fav UD spells but can only be run in very conditional bgs. I also like to run soul feed to kill ranged units since it cant be cleansed (instead of coward reach)
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    I like the spell, I wouldn't use it on Deep Elf Summoner, and Gahlronling's mechanic doesn't trigger the refund.
    Altered Lemure is my favorite target, besides the obvious.

    There's a lot of bgs I wish I could fit this in, that couldn't though. My favorites that did implement it were all implementations of Bok bgs (which is where it was used on lemure mostly).
  7. SPiEkY

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    I honestly forgot that it got changed. Huh. Looks alright.
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    You could grant your deep leviathan assault, then exile and force him to attack a unit with mobility to accrue charges, cleanse and then cataclysm. UD/KF, train assault on vashal ranger and healing breath on aspect to cleanse.
  9. Burcho

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    can you use bane shift to apply the negative effects on opponent champs (even if they cannot be cleansed from your champ)?
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    i think bane shift doesnt "cleanse" but does another thing, it's an idea. ^ should be tested
  11. Yourmom

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    nope i actually tried it. Bane shift acts as a cleanse and it does not work.

    Bane Shift:

    For 6 turns, at the start of each turn, negative conditions on target champion are Cleansed and applied to the next closest opposing champion within 8 spaces. This effect is hidden until triggered.

    that doesn't mean you can't cast things on the champion before you cast exile. like i said before detrimental spells like eye for eye can be applied before hand.
  12. Leadrz

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    exile the exile.
  15. iPox

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    It actually is the first Rune I helped to fix. After another Exile Trickdeck I suggested this change, Sokolov modified it a little and this is the result. :)
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