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  1. shmerek

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    Good morning/afternoon or even good evening.
    Hello. I'll try to make this is quick and brief as possible :)

    It has been a long time since i last played, at least 3-4 years. I have recently started again and can feel the excitement rush back, however, i am in need of help. Help that is greatly appreciated from all points of views :)
    Basically i have no idea what the current favourite meta is or pros/cons are, given the fact that there are so many cards now!! wow!! I use to run a deck set up that was an anti range focus with a split faction of
    Ironfist Stronghold and the Underdepths. I really enjoy these two factions. I guess what i'm getting at is what are the current umm trends? to be looking out for? what type of play styles seem to be working well with all the new content? Or perhaps help with my current set up and/or what's a really good build using IS, UD or IS/UD. Or perhaps another faction? What skills should i get about said builds/factions.

    Below i'll try to show an image of my favourite deck and i'll also type it. Once again your thoughts are greatly appreciated.
    If no one replies then thank you for your time reading and wish you all the best.


    Champions -
    *Barbarian Commander (Could change out if required although i like the buffs)
    *Deep Elf Assassin x 2
    *Deep Elf Masochist (Recently added. I don't mind a bit of a whip here and there)
    *Deep Elf Monk
    *Deep Elf Priestess x 2 (I use these to move my Assassins around when in stealth. A lot of fun)
    *Dwarven King
    *Dwarven Sniper
    *Groble Piledriver (Could change out if required)
    *Groble Rock Eater (Could change out if required)
    *Ironfist Paladin
    *Pincushion x 2
    *Priest of Valdec ( I did put in another one to help with healing/card revealing and that seemed to work out ok and Could change out if required)
    *Vothsair Ireguard* (This guy is a lot of fun)

    Spells -
    *Coward's Reach
    *Hammer Strike x 2
    *Righteous Deflection x 2
    *Shatter x 2
    *Unobstructed View

    Equipment -
    *Demon Shield x 2
    *Granite Bracers x 2
    *Heavy Crossbow (Could possibly change out?)

    Notes** The only thing i will say that is sometimes hard with this is, is that the rune cost can be a little needy. The two Priests with scry helped but once again you still fall victim to waiting for nora at times which, however it has been a lot of fun.
  2. kalasle

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    Couple things to keep in mind about the current Pox meta-game...

    Bulky, synergistic themes are good. You should have some way to fight against opponents who are going to try to build up an army that can roll you over with better stats -- stats you probably won't reach with just a bunch of individual champs. You've got Hammer Strikes and you're playing UD, so that's a good start, but it means you'll probably need to play an aggressive but mid-rangy style. Be ready to tune for that.

    You will probably get destroyed by a lot of FW decks, at least the grindy attrition kind. UD and IS can both have a harder time against FW for different reasons, but mixing them, especially the way that you have, amplifies the weaknesses of both. That's not necessarily a problem or something that you should expect to fix, but just don't freak out if you fight a FW deck or maybe some ST decks and have a hard time bashing your way through.

    Other than that, looks like a fine deck, maybe a bit too heavy on some of the anti-range stuff what with 3 champs, 2 shields, and 2 RDs. I'd drop a Demon Shield, given that you have only 5 Demons that don't already have ranged protection of some form. RD has also dropped in favor somewhat, so keep an eye on it.
  3. shmerek

    shmerek The King of Potatoes

    Fantastic advice and tips. Thanks mate!!
    i'll play around with a couple things.
    Any IS/UD units you would recommend? some personal favourites? :)
    Apart from that i'll muck around with something to replace a Demon Shield and maybe chuck in another IS ranged unit like Elemental Warstaff or perhaps the umm Ironfist Crusader Paladin unit thing? hah :)
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  4. MaruXV

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    you really hate ranged fight dont you?^_^
    anyway let me share some ideas

    1. when you make a bg, try to ask yourself: what's the point of this bg? what does it want to accomplish? what's the perfect draw? is it a bg focused on theme? on a dmg type? on a class? on another sinergy? is it just good stuff/stuff I like? what kind of responses do i have to X (x= ranged/arroweater/ethereal/ etc...)

    2. unless there is a particular reason to double a rune slot, try to play as much 1x as possible. this makes your choices wider. A granite bracer on the right unit could be very strong. is there any particular reason to run a second one? AOE shatter can be strong but do I need 2? usually shatter is run on a champ so that it isnt a dedicated slot to removing equipments but you have also a champ that can do other things

    3. IS/UD split means you can run both IS and UD split heroes. Look up for them and check if there is one you like. it could bring you some ideas on how to develop the bg

    good luck!

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