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  1. super71

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    White people go back to Europe, get the Firk outta here. 1:40, other longer videos you can see the guy with the drum get's in the teens face also. News companies are now trying to recall everything and apologize lol. Too late, cnn is going to win the next election for Trump.
  2. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    Attorney says it was assault , the man was older supposedly a vet, and approached these kids in an aggressive manner, and the kid just stood there and smiled, yet the kid committed an assault ? Towards the end of the video, you can see 4 black dudes making fun of gays, and you can hear all the kids moaning in disappointment. So again these kids don't like the fact that the dude said ******s, and again they are the racist ones ?


    2:12 "bastards wearing make america great again hats"
    14:34 "lady verbally bashing these kids in an aggressive manner"
    14:50 "more racist Bane Shift"
    16:30 "Black dudes screaming America will be destroyed by nukes"
    16:35 "black dudes call all the kids gay"

    Yeah those white kids were super aggressive

    17:48 Fear, really ? What they were doing, they were standing there and got confronted by a bunch of older people.
    18:27 "Sea of crackers, with your make America great again hats."
    18:32 "you's a cracka"
    18:34 "y'all got one ***** in the crowd"
    18:52 "when you get old enough, they are going to steal your organs."

    Seems to me, again all the racist Bane Shift was started by the 4 African American gentlemen from "Israel", they attacked the Native Americans, and then the young white kids, who although their were many of them kept their cool, didn't attack these dudes or disrespect them. Then the white kids were blamed for everything, got it, good thing the media made it a point to talk about their hats, almost like they had an agenda or something ?

    1:41 We are the children of "Israel", very interesting.
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  3. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    This is why more and more people are looking for those hats, it's becoming very clear who the racists are. CNN promoting racism, division, and fear Monday through Friday 9-5.
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    Rather than fake news, this is an example of media taking video evidence reporting on it, then expanding on it/correcting it when more evidence comes out.

    This is how you want journalists to behave.

    Instead, we have people like @super71 who spreads literal lies for Lauren Southern who knowingly presents a false narrative (which is literally fake news since there's no factual basis for what she claims happened) while attacking the press for "fake news" for reporting based on known facts and ignoring the evolution and expansion of the story when more details came out.
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  5. Sokolov

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    Basically, this "MAGA teens" story illustrates quite clearly the difference between "MSM Fake News" and "Right Wing Fake News."

    Both sides report on things and sometimes gets it wrong. Both sides spin and push narratives. Both sides rush to report on new developments as fast as possible.

    Most of this is just a result of the profit motive.

    In this case, outlets both major and minor reported accurately based on the available evidence, and then updated their stories and reported more when new information came to light. Some have even used this incident as an example of why viral videos in general should be taken with a grain of salt.

    The right attacks this as "fake news" because they got it wrong initially, while largely ignoring their corrections. It's absolutely correct to criticize them for jumping the gun, and for getting it wrong, but it is not the same as being willfully deceitful.

    The difference I see is that much of right wing fake news is not fake by accident. It's literal intent to deceive. From women like Lauren Southern who creates scenarios so she can put a false title on a video, to people like Alex Jones who literally just makes stuff up, to Fox News who puts up infographics with factually incorrect or misleading information, to President Fake News who manufactures crises... these right wing influencers aren't just wrong because they jumped the gun - they KNOW they are lying and are doing it on purpose.
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  6. Sokolov

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    By the way, Twitter suspended the account that started this whole thing with the lies.
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  7. super71

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    Blah blah blah sok man, trying to spin the narrative again I see, curious why you always do that ? What part of you dislikes America and white people so much ?

    Liberal media was wrong and jumped on the chance to attack a bunch of high school kids for being verbally assaulted by adults, the only justification they had was they were wearing maga hats and white. Even in the edited video their was nothing wrong with what the kid did, he was just standing where his teachers told him to stand and wait, the guy walked right up to him, got in his face, and started pounding a drum.

    You keep saying both sides spin things, well that kinda proves trumps point doesn’t it, fake news ? “Both sides do it, Trump criticizes all media and always has, this includes fox. You literally proved his point in fake news, and then enforced the fake news point by saying it’s okay for reporters to have colossal Firk ups.

    I don’t want journalists to report on things if they don’t know it’s true or not, and aren’t 100% on the sources. That is irresponsible and we actually used to have laws that were in place and enforced for that sort of thing, that is literally the exact opposite of what people want from journalists.

    Again please know what your talking about for once


    When the policy was removed, it was none other than Ronald Regan, previous Hollywood actor, 33rd governor of California, Democrat, and then turned republican, almost as if Hollywood and the news media go hand in hand.
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    Whatever happened to verifying stories before running them? When did that die?
  9. Sokolov

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    It hasn't been that way in a while. In the world of 24 hour news cycle, outlets rush to publish stories as soon as they believe it happened. Publish first, retract later.

    In this case though, they actually had video evidence. It just turned out that a longer video showed context that changes the perception of the original video.

    It's more of a lesson on the fallibility of perspective even in the face of video evidence.

    Also, someone showed tech awhile back that can make a video of someone talking and saying stuff they never said. Soon we won't know if someone really said something... it's a scary future.


    Oh, also, many on the right also present this as "fake news" in the sense that MSM is lying - which goes beyond the "verifying stories" thing.

    The irony of this is that when they do this in this instance, they are actually doing the thing they accuse MSM of doing: not publishing the whole story by ignoring that MSM has very quickly reported the full story when it was found. Instead, they continue to push the narrative that MSM is presenting a falsehood when the reality is that they have gone to great lengths to correct their mistake.
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  10. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    Just told you above when it died, according to sok though journalists should be allowed to report fake stories and then later on maybe fix it or maybe not.

    "The FCC eliminated the policy in 1987 and removed the rule that implemented the policy from the Federal Register in August 2011."

    I agree with one thing Sok said though, soon words will be able to be put in peoples mouths, without repeated brainwashing by the media and holly wood and instead just edit the video to fit the narrative of whatever is being said. This is in large part one of the thing I worry about when it comes to in home recording devices like Alexa and google home etc, not long before the government tries to pass some law allowing the use of said devices and then tweak them to fit whatever narrative about whatever person they don't like or disagrees with them.
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  12. calisk

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    hmmm....while you accuse sok of spinning the story do you think you aren't? I would assume you understand it since everything you say after that is about both sides spinning the story, but then you fail to argue anything he says.

    at the end of the day you will be hard pressed to find any person telling a story that isn't putting a spin on it, it's natural.

    so accusing Sok of spinning the story is simply showing your inept skill at debating your point, and with that you are surrendering the point to Sok, you simply stated your view and cannot support it at all, where he is at least willing to argue his view.

    The only thing I ever would accuse Sok of is constantly using Gish Gallop, but that's off topic...If you want to bring up a topic please be willing to back it up and not run from the first person that disagrees with you.

    regardless...soko's points are accurate, media does operate exactly as he says, which is resulting in the current lack of trust in the media....I don't really know what points you are actually trying to make with this OP I just didn't like your attempt to dismiss soko's comment via a poor attempt at an ad hominem attack.

    I could divine maybe 3 or 4 different points you may be attempting to make here but often times when I attempt to assume someones point they will simply say "no that's not what I meant at all", much like interpreting abstract art that's on display at the bus stop I think my time will be better spent else where. I will either let you clarify your points more succinctly, or I'll leave it as it is.
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  13. Baskitkase

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    All the little sokflakes out there want their narrative so bad they’re perfectly willing to create it at any opportunity.
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    Didn't you ragequit the Discord server over an everyone ping used for announcements while making a scene out of it?
  15. Sokolov

    Sokolov The One True Cactuar Octopi

    NPR has actually run daily stories on the latest developments in this particular controversy, including an interview with a congressman who is on the side of the kids and graduated from their academy/school.
  16. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    I gave up trying years ago, sok, the indoctrination from California has long taken it's hold on you, my only hope is to help others see the truth.

    You bring up NPR and claim your not indoctrinated.... Got it, deflect, divert, racism, sexism, repeat, deflect, divert, racism, sexism, repeat.

    That about sum it up or naw ?

    Both sides spin stories, I don't want any side to spinning stories, that is the difference my good sir. Sok belives it's okay if reporters Firk up and then don't walk back their claims, it was all a total lie, yet their school is under threats of violence, the kids are, and their families. For what exactly ? For being in high school and being called ******s, *****s, and crackas ? In what world can you argue i'm on the wrong side of that, aren't our elders supposed to lead by example ? You are literally watching Sok spin the story in front of you lol, how can you be that blind ? He's saying both sides spin stories, I agree with that, however he admitted it's okay for journalists to lie and then fix it later maybe. I think the media needs to be held to a higher standard and Trump believes that also, hence the "fake news" comments, and that isn't just about cnn, it's fox also.

    Watch the video, make your own judgement's, and not the edited videos either, the full video.

    I'm not running, but it seems counter productive to waste time in an argument where the video is proof enough. Didn't hear the kids say anything racist, I did hear them start chanting once the nice African Americans started calling young kids gay crackas though, shame on those kids for not wanting to hear that.

    People like you and sok are blind, and your either a part of the larger misinformation campaign or to dumb to see through it. All of you claiming i'm wrong watch the full video, and make an unbiased decision for yourself. You keep screaming racism, while the left is consistently the most racist, sexist, hate filled group in America.

    lefty hypocrites


    "Waiting for a black man to pick me up", only liberals and democrats can get away with that Bane Shift.... 6 seconds in

    Most people, would have simply referred to Obama as Obama, good old Joe Biden says black man.... Democrat

    Cory Booker, Democrat, "getting our country back on track, we live in a society seduced by celebrity"... Aren't almost all celebrities the ones that attack Trump on the daily, aren't most of them Democrats ? "Purpose is more important than popularity", unless your a democrat and wanted Hilary to win, then the popular vote is all that matters. 54 seconds in

    Wouldn't purpose beating popularity be the whole point of why Trump won, Hilary won the popular vote and was more popular, yet the people wanted Trump.


    Good old Bernie of course

    "We now have a president of the United States that is a racist" Racism, sexism, feelings, roar. Same Bane Shift different day, maybe the American people will vote for democrats again when they stand for something other than illegals, high taxes, and impeaching Trump. More talk and less action, while they continue to keep African American communities down.

    All those republican racists

    "Jim Crow laws were state and local laws that enforced racial segregation in the Southern United States.[1] All were enacted in the late 19th and early 20th centuries by white Democratic-dominated state legislatures after the Reconstruction period.[2] The laws were enforced until 1965.[3] In practice, Jim Crow laws mandated racial segregation in all public facilities in the states of the former Confederate States of America, starting in the 1870s and 1880s, and were upheld in 1896, by the U.S. Supreme Court's "separate but equal" legal doctrine for facilities for African Americans, established with the court's decision in the case of Plessy vs. Ferguson. Moreover, public education had essentially been segregated since its establishment in most of the South, after the Civil War (1861–65).

    The legal principle of "separate, but equal" racial segregation was extended to public facilities and transportation, including the coaches of interstate trains and buses. Facilities for African Americans and Native Americans were consistently inferior and underfunded, compared to the facilities for white Americans; sometimes there were no facilities for people of color.[4][5] As a body of law, Jim Crow institutionalized economic, educational, and social disadvantages for African Americans, and other people of color living in the south.[4][5][6] Legalized racial segregation principally existed in the Southern states, while Northern racial segregation generally was a matter of fact — enforced in housing with private covenants in leases, bank lending-practices, and employment-preference discrimination, including labor-union practices.

    Jim Crow laws—sometimes, as in Florida, part of state constitutions—mandated the segregation of public schools, public places, and public transportation, and the segregation of restrooms, restaurants, and drinking fountains for whites and blacks. The U.S. military was already segregated. President Woodrow Wilson, a Southern Democrat, initiated segregation of federal workplaces in 1913.[7]

    These Jim Crow laws revived principles of the 1865 and 1866 Black Codes, which had previously restricted the civil rights and civil liberties of African Americans. Segregation of public (state-sponsored) schools was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of the United States in 1954 in Brown v. Board of Education. In some states it took years to implement this decision. Generally, the remaining Jim Crow laws were overruled by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, but years of action and court challenges have been needed to unravel the many means of institutional discrimination."

    Straight from wikipedia, how much more racist Bane Shift from liberals and democrats do you peopled need to see ? Who ended slavery, a republican, who lessened prison sentences for African Americans, a republican. It's honesty tiring informing people of simple things they can google themselves.

    Who wore the hoods ?

    During the Reconstruction period of 1865–1877, federal laws provided civil rights protections in the U.S. South for freedmen, the African Americans who had formerly been slaves, and the minority of blacks who had been free before the war. In the 1870s, Democrats gradually regained power in the Southern legislatures,[11] having used insurgentparamilitarygroups, such as the White League and the Red Shirts, to disrupt Republican organizing, run Republican officeholders out of town, and intimidate blacks to suppress their voting.[12]Extensive voter fraud was also used. Gubernatorial elections were close and had been disputed in Louisiana for years, with increasing violence against blacks during campaigns from 1868 onward.

    Wake the Firk up people, they are doing the same thing now except using African Americans against Republicans now.
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  17. poxrooster

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    @super71 Can you please explain to me in one sentence, what is your, not their, but your agenda here?
  18. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    To get people to talk about how it makes any sense at all how republicans are racists, despite all evidence suggesting liberals and democrats are extremely racist and have been since the civil war. Show the hypocrisy of being a liberal democrat, screaming everyone's a racist while they support a party that is actually proven racists.

    Maybe get a few people to start accepting the facts for what they are, and acknowledge that maybe Trump isn't a racist, maybe the dude generally just wants to help out the American people, he's the first president we have had, that regardless of the cost, will stick to his guns for what he thinks is right for Americans, and that's much more than can be said for "any" other politician in our government. I used to be a democrat, but i'll never be apart of any party that erases history and tries to rewrite it and blame the other side, that is a strong similarity to what Hitler did in Germany, and exactly how he came to power, don't know how anyone can't see the similarities between democrats and Hitler. "White league", "red shirts", reminds me a bit of the Gestapo, except now democrats use antifa, and a few new ones. People say Trump is like Hitler because he condemns the media, yet the media has been nothing but an enemy to the American public for decades now, racial division, dividing by sex, religion, etc etc.

    Do I like Trump as a person, absolutely not, he's rich and spoiled, but I understand the man didn't want to be president, but he understood where the country was headed, and he listened and campaigned on topics Americans wanted to be talked about and fixed, rather than kicking the can endlessly down the road.

    I suppose I don't have an agenda, but it's important for me to get other view points to remain centered, rather than right or left, however I find remaining centered much harder to do as of late when the left news organizations are condemning kids and threatening their families for standing there with a hat on. Switch roles, and presidents, older white dudes are calling those kids ******s and the n word, Obama is president, what do you think happens by the media, whose side do they take ? Why is nobody talking about those African American gentlemen ? That in itself is the answer to most of your questions, and how the news is and has been heavily biased.

    Never been a one sentence guy
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  19. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    1:32 " White people were shouting racist things back, 1:39 no video evidence to support this claim." Yikes
    2:06 " Had to protect the African American Israealites from the boys, some of whom wore make america great again hats." Seems like he should have been walking towards the guys screaming racial slurs and profanities at kids, but that's just my thought process. Also what does the hats have to do with anything, why is that the talking point ?

    I'm still not seeing what the kids did wrong, why are they still being blamed for anything ? It is very clear who was in the wrong, yet let's talk about the hats.

    Even with the new video out, this is the headline. "
    "2nd video offers new context to Kentucky boys taunting Native American activist"

    This implies that the kids started taunting him for another reason, which again is a lie as the kids didn't taunt anyone but instead listened to their adult chaperones on drowning out the noise of racial slurs and profanity being thrown at them.

    "More complicated"
    "New context"

    How about the media admitting, we messed up royally. If roles were reversed their would be lawsuits flying everywhere, yet the only person looking for a lawsuit, seems to be the Native American dude who beat a drum in a teenager's face......

    Yet not a single apology for the kids who were attacked, families were attacked, threatened expulsions and suspension. Interesting from the media, don't you guys think, not biased though at all.


    Not a veteran

    Interesting, same dude, except from 2015.

    Wonder how much he got paid for the second event

    "Omaha elder and Vietnam War veteran Nathan Phillips endured hateful taunts with dignity and strength, then urged us all to do better." Democrat Elizabeth Warren

    Key correction, he didn't serve in Vietnam, glad that was the key correction, and not the fact that the kids didn't do anything and were sworn out and provoked, yet remained calm.
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  20. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!


    All in by the media apparently


    Outrage patrol to the defense, rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. These are from yesterday, after it was established that their was a full video, and the kids did nothing wrong.


    Media still casting the kids in a negative light, and talking about the maga hats and still saying this guy’s a Vietnam veteran.
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