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  1. concealedweapon

    concealedweapon I need me some PIE!

    This thread is for ways of making a normally good ability or condition work in a bad way, or vice versa.

    1. An enemy champion had Sentinel. I enchanted a friendly champion with Righteous Deflection and attacked in the enemy champion's range. Next turn, I used that champion to do the same thing again, but I also equipped a different friendly champion with Granite Bracers and attacked in the enemy champion's range.

    2. An enemy used Slum Market to give their champion Opportunistic Assault. I had a Weaponsmith with Provision: Defense 2 spaces away. I equipped the Weaponsmith with Granite Bracers, and enchanted him with Macadamize. I moved adjacent to the enemy champion and made a basic attack. Then, I disengaged, causing the enemy to attack and miss due to the Granite Bracers, giving the Weaponsmith a free attack. I then engaged and disengaged again, causing the enemy to attack and miss again due to Block, giving the Weaponsmith another free attack.

    3. An enemy champion had Counter Attack: Ranged. Most people should know not to play these against Ironfist Stronghold. I'm sure you can guess what I did there. I attack it, it responds by attacking itself.

    4. An opponent equips a champion with Granite Bracers. I enchant a ranged friendly champion with Righteous Deflection and attack the enemy champion, this not only causes the enemy champion to attack itself, but also allows other champions to safely attack the enemy champion. The only good news for the opponent is that the damage from the deflected attack is reduced by 6 (3 if they're split faction).

    5. This one was against me. I had a Paralyzed Drunken Thug with Resilient adjacent to an Aspect of Death. I could have killed the Aspect of Death if the Drunken Thug could attack. I tried to damage it using a Brewmaster's Fire Bomb, but Resilient prevented the damage, which also prevented him from losing the Paralyzed condition.
  2. phdstax

    phdstax Active Member

    Casting BE on an opponent's range champ.
  3. Xirone

    Xirone I need me some PIE!

    Recently I ran into an opponent with a Trail: Fire Wall champ in play. I ran my Nymph up to an opposing champion near the Fire Wall, possessed him, and then ran the champion over the Fire Wall my opponent created. That champion died pretty quickly.
  4. themacca

    themacca Master of Challenges

    i once dominated a shadowshank. It was glorious
  5. JazzMan1221

    JazzMan1221 Better-Known Member

    Had a game a while ago where I used Mobi when my 10 HP Afflicted Corpse with Death Nova was adjacent to the SP Avatar. It got killed by Rebuke, and the death nova killed his avatar lol.
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  6. Markoth

    Markoth Lord Inquisitor

    Had my turn all planned out to kill the enemy avatar. Moved into position, went to cast a spell. Oh, my unit has Warding since Stone Clan had transferred onto it.
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  7. Etherielin

    Etherielin The Floof Cultist

    I killed a Hekatian Bloodletter by attacking it with a Bowmage, while she was sitting within the range of Elven Prodigy. The result was around 60 damage to Hekatian's face from 8 tiles away.

    Killed a Stitched Mirrorskin by deflecting a deflect: poison. Also killed another one by double-tapping with a fire attack from burning oak seed, healing myself in the process.

    Back when I used Thirion in every BG I could think of, I denied a double mobi with blockade.

    I deployed a Condor Fury into the enemy's sabotage: fire. I then used burning oak seed to give her fire eater, so all fire damage was amplified and healed her 25% more effectively.
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  8. Xirone

    Xirone I need me some PIE!

    I like that last one!
  9. Markoth

    Markoth Lord Inquisitor

    Attacked a Seism champ with Plainswalker and it re-triggered Seism which destroyed my Banner and killed one of my champions.
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  10. Karmavore


    Artillery Marker after someone casts BE. Unless they have a way to deal with the relic hes taking 12 dmg a turn + stun until Artillery dies. Either way you get +12mg off + stun for one turn, where you can easily counter and kill it, or CC around it.
  11. GoldTiger

    GoldTiger I need me some PIE!

    Elegant and simple one is to use a champion you know is bounced to move either 5 spaces away once it's attaked, or get bounced 5 spaces in to a tactical position (e.g. Font). The font situation is especially common in the games I spectate but no one uses bounce that way atm unfortunately.
  12. Ballballer

    Ballballer Chief Antagonist

    I love Firking peoples day up with their own bounce.
  13. Leadrz

    Leadrz I need me some PIE!

    Assumed this was about fs spell. I had stories to tell. Q.Q woe is me
  14. DiCEM0nEY

    DiCEM0nEY I need me some PIE!

    I used divert, and he used divert and attacked me, so my divert hurt myself. I'll be honest, that interaction seems needlessly complicated. Anyone know if that's just a bug?
  15. Tweek516

    Tweek516 I need me some PIE!

    Makes sense to me.

    Great thread though!
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  16. TeaNinja

    TeaNinja I need me some PIE!

    Anytime I successfully Dark Pact a Reverbating Blast, VP, Hammer Strike, etc. A long long time ago I successfully Dark Pact'd Drown because my opponent had one non-amphibious champ on water.
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  17. Cydna

    Cydna Forum Royalty

    I guess my favorite backfire was deemed unfit for the forums :/

    Snow Blinding a Ret/Sac is my favorite thing ever.
  18. TeaNinja

    TeaNinja I need me some PIE!

    Back when the only meta single target spells in UD were sac, ret, and superiority, as UD you had to predict the snowblind or pretty much lose if you retri a full hp champ and you're stuck with an almost dead champ.
  19. concealedweapon

    concealedweapon I need me some PIE!

    I casted Macadamize to give my champions Mobility. My opponent dominated one of my champions which was adjacent to another one of mine then walked it into a chasm. If I hadn't given it Mobility, it would have been unable to move (because it engaged my other champion that turn upon being possessed) and therefore unable to walk into the chasm.

    My opponent once tried to protect a champion with Containment Unit, but it was Unstoppable and therefore couldn't become Crystallized.

    This one didn't happen to me but I heard about it happening to others. Goblin Thievery on a champion with the opposite Hero ability. If the Hero ability is the one stolen, then that Goblin and all nearby Goblins instantly die.

    Homing Sense when the opponent casts Planar Dissonance.

    Manic making it harder to run away, moving through damaging terrain, or moving into range of a trap.

    You have a champion with Rebuke, and your opponent casts Enslave on one of your champions in range of it, causing a ridiculous amount of damage.

    Reconstitute + Decaying. Ouch.
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  20. davre

    davre The Benevolent Technofascist

    Some 5 years ago I had an opponent mimic my sunderpede with their Judge Torien. I attacked it once.

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