Festering Wounds

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ballballer, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. Cydna

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    I agree, remove the heal aspect from steal life.
  2. yobanchi

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    "Waahhhhhh my swallow whole champ can't eat my nooby pies" - is all I'm reading here
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  3. yobanchi

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    Well actually what I read is 'global damage is bad' which I can agree with then followed by a whole slew of ideas to change the rune and NOT address the global damage part.
  4. Lushiris

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    I believe that the global damage is a problem when combined with a form of anti-healing, since without spending more nora to cleanse it you'll have to wait some time until you can actually heal it, becoming more vulnerable to having your champions finished off.
  5. mw24

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    only fw and ud lack healing and cleanse, they should have more access to it or it should be taken away from other wrath factions and certain wrath abilities taken away from protectorate.

    cleanse abilities are also currently overcosted and natures blessing cd is twice what it should be. There should probably also be more inhibited and defiled in this game.
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  6. mw24

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    no, the reason people run festering wounds instead of decay is because last time i checked decay sucked. lushiris is fine, he just doesn't know much about how this games pvp works. I think he should focus more on lore explanation or development or pve balancing. Or practice and study this games pvp and faction's gameplay alot more.
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  7. mw24

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    fw is only a mediocre faction atm, that's why. Most players won't do any better with it than with their main faction.(many would do worse because their faction is stronger or because they don't know how to play/build fw) There have rarely ever been any high ranked fw players since geddens revamp.

    If fw was strong and reliable compared to the top factions in this game I would be playing it alot more. It is pretty much my main faction and favorite playstyle, if I am not spamming it in at least half of my games its probably because fw still sucks.
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  8. themacca

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    im in top 10 right?
  9. themacca

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    But then its just a bad version of soulbane.
  10. mw24

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    soulbane already is bad.
  11. themacca

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    Does that in anyway negate my point?
  12. Yourmom

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    So where do you guys want this game to proceed? Do you want every faction to be the same or do you like that they are different?

    It's not impossible to aquire all the ruins in the game but I don't have the money for it. Therefore I haven't played every faction in this game(and some of them I refuse to play, which is also fun to me). Sure there are pre-made BG's for us but it's not something that I created.

    I think what you should ask yourself before thinking about nerfing a rune is, do I understand this rune and what it does for this faction? Hating a rune because it counters what you're doing doesn't mean that iti should be changed. It just means that you should reconsider your choices with your BG creation(ie: low HP range, voltaic slag and moga cannon AOE bomber). Stop being lazy. People have already started doing this. Like I said, hallowed ground.

    Basically what I'm saying is S T F U about nerfing a rune if you haven't even played it yourself in your own creation...
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  13. Yourmom

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    You have no idea dude. Keep being comfortable with Shattered Peaks, it's a good faction like all the other ones.
  14. Pedeguerra

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    In this particular case I don't think that the global damage is the issue, but rather the ability to globally shut down a particular mechanic (healing).
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  15. yobanchi

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    Is festering wounds a larger problem or the Spell Decay which is a much harsher counter to healing since it can't be cleansed or countered after cast?

    Seems that if diseased went to heal deficiency your concern would just transfer to decay?

    Also if one party has issue with the global damage and one with the healing counter, taking them both out leaves the spell doing pretty much nothing. Just pointing out how it can be challenging when peeps have a perception problem with the spell and try to 'fix' the wrong issue. *cough* UT *cough*
  16. Pedeguerra

    Pedeguerra I need me some PIE!

    Humm, good question. Both are probably on the same level of "problematic tier".
    I do feel, however, that Festering represents a larger problem because the FW player can choose the most optimal scenario to apply the dot (and consequently the dmg component) and shut down the healing, while with Decay the damage component is more on the side of the opponent player (so even though the healing is shut down one can assume that the player won't deliberately heal any unit, thus not taking damage).
    Hope I was clear enough.
  17. yobanchi

    yobanchi I need me some PIE!

    True. Festering wounds in general has a lot more flexibility because even if they don't heal the damage is still useful. Decay requires the opponent to tie their own rope but does effect static healing.

    From reading the thread the only real suggestion with some interest is the heal deficiency which would place more space between diseased and decay abilities. Also would lessen the problem from loss of boon immunity. Doing this however may just bring decay effects later on from your point of view because with this one tamped down the other 'choice' becomes more relevant and if it gets more play obviously.

    Although a side note in that I don't believe this is a hard counter to healing since it is a relatively short period of time where it stops healing which is essentially two rounds. That's acceptable in my mind at first glance. If it had no durration I would tend to agree with you but shutting something down (especially healing) seems acceptable.

    Take regeneration. shutting down regeneration for two rounds means that to capitalize on it you have to get their hp low enough to finish the champ off. Failing to do so regeneration comes back online and heals it right back. There admittedly should be counters to healing otherwise super champs and tanks become too hard to deal with and too safe an investment.
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  18. Pedeguerra

    Pedeguerra I need me some PIE!

    I honestly thought the duration was 6 turns (same as Decay).
    But yeah, healing deficiency would be a good first step, I think (if it does indeed deserve a nerf, but now Im not sure because 4 turns really isnt much).
  19. kalasle

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    If Festering Wounds applied a rank-6 DoT, I would be nerf calling it on the forums.

    As it is, Decay is just a bad value proposition compared to Festering. At 50% damage and almost the same price (40 v 45) there's little reason to run something that covers the same bases, only worse; even without Tomb, any unit you would want to stop from healing is already damaged anyway. If Decay was a more substantive and reasonable counter to Decay, there are a couple BGs were I would run it, perhaps even over Wounds, but that's just not the case.

    (To be clear though, let's not morph this into a "Buff Decay" thread)
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  20. yobanchi

    yobanchi I need me some PIE!

    Decay spell is in a weird spot because yeah it's not worth 40 nora but decreasing the cost would be problematic due to the durration/cooldown.

    As for Pede that's pretty much where I stand at the moment as well. I see the benefits of adjusting healing deficiency but haven't seen a good argument for why this portion of the spell/ability is a large problem.

    This however doesn't address balla' global damage issue. In which case my suggestion would be for UT to trigger at end of turn instead of beginning.
    This allows regeneration and non-cleansing counter play while not gutting the combo in question... or at least the most common piece of it. You'll still have an issue with dark favor, blister, etc having global damage.
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