First the guns then free speech

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by super71, Mar 27, 2018.

  1. darklord48

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    That can happen anywhere that has open borders. I've never had an inspection entering Canada that would have determined if I had firearms with me.
  2. Geressen

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    so you are saying they should build a wall and the US should pay for it?
  3. calisk

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    you are really being disingenuous here, every state is different, not every state requires a gun permit, and even if you do need one it's practically impossible to be denied one due to your own laws.

    past that you are completely ignoring the illegal black market of guns which is massive in america, since the point of my response was in regards to a rebellion you cannot ignore the black market of guns and act like the laws matter when you are actively talking about rebelling against those law makers.
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  4. Geressen

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    so you are telling us that there are policemen ( with guns) who will not be loyal to the state?

    do they leave their guns when they leave their posts?

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