Floating Eye

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    Floating Eye
    Forsaken Wastes
    Undead, Spirit Class: Wizard, Size: 1x1 Rarity: rare
    Flavor-Text: "How are they prepared to fight? This was supposed to be a surprise attack!" ~Last words of the dwarven sargeant
    Nora Cost:
    about 60-70 nora

    Champion Stats
    0 SPD: 5 RNG: 1 DEF: 0 HP: 44

    Champion Abilities
    Attack: None
    Detection (rank 3)
    Magic beam
    Ready (rank 2)

    Boon of the Undead

    Upgrade Ability Set #1

    Hex (rank 3)
    Set ablaze ( default )
    Cast: cauterize

    Upgrade Ability Set #2

    Magical aura (rank 3)
    Heal self (rank 2) (default)

    What role is this Rune intend to fill?
    Harraser as well as a good detect option can be oriented either offensive, defensive or support

    How is this Rune different from what is already in Pox Nora?
    Provides a variety of gameplay focused on the trick like game of spirits

    How is this Rune competitive and why would it be used over other Runes?
    This rune is competitive because it is a good source of detect with a different form of playing

    What makes this Rune unique and fun to use?
    Can fit in different roles making this rune a very versatile champion
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  2. TheBulwark

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    I think this is a cool one bud. Just give him 6 speed please he is floating :)
  3. Sinkia

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    He has ready rank 2 to avoid the debuff of having speed 5 on deploy, but when the fight starts 5 speed is enough i think
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