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    Let's start anew:

    In case any of you haven't noticed my wife and I have started the ketogenic diet. Put very simply, it starves your system of carbs while giving it only high fats. Your system adapts and starts to use fats as energy source number 1. Also, your body starts to naturally burn your fat stores. It's not meant to be a forever diet and neither of us really need to lose weight, but it has many other benefits in the area of happy healthy body and mind.

    So I've been posting the last couple of weeks all the things I've made that are keto-friendly.

    What can you eat?

    To that effect. Bread is the hardest ingredient to get around, but we've made use of almond flour. I made some almond flour pan cakes, broke them apart, sprayed them with EEOV and Italian spices, then baked them. That made my Italian bread crumbs for the meat balls (beef, pork, veal, ricotta, spices)

    The tomato sauce I made fresh (was on the pizza yesterday) so that it would have no added sugar and lower in carbs (natural in tomatoes) but then used only a table spoon per meatball. The white sauce (butter, heavy cream and Parmesan cheese) are items we can have plenty of and therefore made the bulk of our sauce.

    Spaghetti squash (with butter, salt n pepa) was amazing and after sauced, tastes just like angel hair pasta.

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    give more foodporn pls
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    @Gutsa, did you see my last post in the food thread with the congee you could eat?
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    Could you repost it? I saw the notification that you posted in the thread, but the thread was gone when I went to view it.
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    I was in a team Chopped competition at a local cooking school. I was responsible for the ground beef for my team. I made the deep fried ravioli that are on the left, as well as the three dips for them.

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    Huevos Rancheros con Bistec

    Spice rub the flank steak, a smudge of olive oil to assist in carmelization of meat on grill, onions, picked jalapeños and butter into a loaf pan also on the grill, tomatoes and peppers sauté and a fried egg.

    -the refried beans, fried potatoes and tortillas that I'd normally serve with it.
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    how did you prepare the filling?
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    looks good, bankincake. fwiw i'm pretty sure it's normally spelled huevos, not juevos. doesn't matter much tho
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    wtf, mozilla doesnt autocorrect spanish typos.... racist browser
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    Basically like taco meat. I added seasonings that would typically be in an Italian meatball. Garlic, oregano, etc. I browned the meat in olive oil infused with bay leaf. I only did a little meat at a time so the pan wasn't overloaded, which allowed the beef to sear.
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    2.5 inch thick pork chops in a brine for 24 hrs


    Topped with spicy onions, roasted cheddar broccoli and cauliflower mash (has bacon, cheese, lots of butter)
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    how do you feel about adopting an adult

    edit- asking for a friend
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    It's fine, but you have to self identify as a 6 year old.
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    What's in your brine? Here's the one I use.
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    Mung dal, proper version. This is probably the best soup that I've ever eaten in my life.
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    -I'm that friend-

    everyone here can vouch for my lack of adultbeing

    looking forward to the food ty ty
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    Just go play FFXV.
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    Water, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, red flake, thyme, salt, pepper.
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    Carb-free cocktail, delish:

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