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Discussion in 'Videos' started by nepyonisdead, Jul 28, 2018.

  1. nepyonisdead

    nepyonisdead I need me some PIE!

    Here is a lil bit of fun / challenge for the poxing community

    I am making a series of vids to remember the good ol game by, the idea is simple you sign up here for a best of 5 and we will play when it fits both our calendars. The games will be up on youtube so you can always come back and relive that game.

    Additional details:
    - I am offering 2 exos and a legendary for the winners of the challenge ((craftable ones))
    - We can establish the rules for each individual so that we keep it a fresh experience
    - Remember its all for fun and games so the prize is really just a symbolic gesture rather than for actual value :p
  2. Axeraiser

    Axeraiser I need me some PIE!

    I'l play , FF only , runes from base set up to and including drums of war.
  3. Karmavore


    I'll play as well FF only, runes from base to Maljaran
  4. poxrooster

    poxrooster The Pox Chameleon

    I'll play too.
  5. nepyonisdead

    nepyonisdead I need me some PIE!

    Look lads I banned two whole factions to avoid OP Bane Shift being a factor in who wins, if any of you has a problem with a certain rune or theme I am willing to ban that too ((have to be a reasonable ban ofc)) and splits are already banned so FF is a must

    Pick the runes or themes you don’t want to face here, we will discuss it and make a decision

    Otherwise there is no point in putting a blanket ban

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