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    Voil was the first Battlegroup I created when I started the game. Due to [reasons], only now have I had opportunity to try For the Empire.
    Some spells have very clear uses. Some are just situational "good stuff." But For the Empire seems like it's supposed to do the opposite of what Shattered Peaks does: "Dogpile" one enemy Champion. In its current form, For the Empire is 25 Nora, AoE 3, "Friendly Voil gain Attack: Fire and Burn 1 for 6 turns." Without Burn 1, 25 Nora for an alternative damage type (which Voil already have a good amount of) isn't great. Burn, itself would be good for splitting and dueling on Fonts (which something like The Resistance allows), but it's an AoE spell with a limited duration, making it exceptionally useless, especially since it's only Burn 1. That three damage on one or even two Champions isn't worth 25 Nora.
    My suggestion would be to not entirely retcon it or anything (like Fill), but to make it global and give all Voil Conqueror for 6 turns, and raise the Nora cost accordingly. For the one Voil with Conqueror, or if a Voil were to gain Conqueror by any other means, maybe it gives them Berserk Attack instead. Not a huge buff, by any means, but a decent upside for a race-specific Spell.
    It fits the theme of the Voil being an empire (with a Queen, for some reason), plays to the Shattered Peaks' strength in threatening multiple Fonts, diversifies its threat with a fair restriction, and complements Defend the Roost. You could even do something really crazy like make it an AoE, but a hidden Spell which only triggers when one of the Voil enters a Font, limiting its global power (which isn't already huge) but creating a surprise factor.

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