Forsaken Wastes Winter Patch of 2016

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    Forsaken Wastes

    For this patch due to it's size we have opted to split it up into the respective Faction's Forums. This will also make it easier for all of you to comment about faction specific changes.

    Animated Blade
    • Default Cost to 67
    • Starting Abilities: Flight, Attack: Physical, Shatter
    Arroyo Shadestriker [Forsaken Wastes, Shattered Peaks]
    • Default Cost to 68
    • Upgrade Set 1: Surge: Enemy (default), Surge: Spirit, Surge: Elemental
    Bile Zombie
    • Upgrade Set 1: Bile Explosion 3 (default)
    • Removed Bile Explosion 4 to match removal of other Rank 4 Death Novas, as well as reducing high end damage potential
    Blackblade Baron
    • Default Cost to 76
    • Damage decrease (-1)
    • Upgrade Set 1: Surge: Skeleton 1, Command: Charge (default), Consume
    Bloodbinder Count
    • Default Cost to 78
    • Speed increase (+1)
    • Max Range decrease (-2)
    • Starting Abilities: Attack: Electricity, Blood Spear
    • Upgrade Set 1: Blood Magic, Combat Awareness 2 (default), Commander
    • Default Cost to 71
    • Upgrade Set 1: Melee Specialist 3, Bleed (default), Zeal: Damage
    • Default Cost to 83
    • Upgrade Set 1: Blood Rage, Bleed, Surge: Enemy (default)
    • Default Cost to 61
    • Starting Abilities: Immunity: Disease, Attack: Physical, Stunning Sweep
    • Default Cost to 75
    • HP increase (+6)
    • Upgrade Set 1: Calcify, Bulwark: Skeleton, Zeal: Defense (default)
    • Upgrade Set 1: Sunder 2, Stun, Scale Armor (default)
    • Default Cost to 75
    • Upgrade Set 2: Boost: Skeleton, Fear 3 (default)
    Broken Bones
    • Default Cost to 31
    • Starting Abilities: Attack: Physical
    • Upgrade Set 1: Split (default)
    Corpse Golem
    • Default Cost to 62
    • Upgrade Set 1: Immunity: Disease, Disease Eater, Absorb (default)
    • Default Cost to 70
    • Upgrade Set 1: Book Burn, Weaken Spells (default)
    Coven Claw
    • Default Cost to 82
    • Starting Abilities: Attack: Physical, Essence Claw
    • Vulnerability: Magical and Shadestrike removed
    Dark Knight
    • Default Cost to 92
    • Upgrade Set 1: Resistance: Physical 3 (default), Regeneration 3, Warding
    Demonvein Vampyre [Forsaken Wastes, Underdepths]
    • Default Cost to 81
    • Upgrade Set 1: Multiattack 1 (default), Multiattack 2, Blood Rage
    • Upgrade Set 1: Drain 2, Consume, Blood Spear (default)
    • Upgrade Set 1: Dead Eater (default), Hunter: Diseased, Rotting Blows
    Elder Bloodbinder
    • Default Cost to 83
    • Upgrade Set 1: Dark Raven Form, Elsari Coven, Raven Tongue (default)
    • Upgrade Set 1: Life Siphon (default), Drain 2, Blood Magic
    Elsari Mason
    • Default Cost to 53
    • Starting Abilities: Attack: Physical, Shrine Exertion
    Fleshweaver Witch
    • Default Cost to 81
    • HP increase (+2)
    • Min Range increase (+1)
    • Upgrade Set 1: Disease Breath 2, Reconstruct: Blackguard, Elsari Coven (default)
    • Upgrade Set 1: Transfer Life 1, Afflict 1, Swap 2 (default)
    Inkblight Witch
    • Starting Abilities: Attack: Magical, Desecrated Zone 3, Oblivion Shield, Elsari Coven
    Lich Magistrate
    • Default Cost to 75
    • Damage decrease (-3)
    • Default Cost to 53
    • Upgrade Set 1: Conceal (default), Gift of Scrying
    • Upgrade Set 1: Heal Mass 1, Grace of the Dead 1, Divert (default)
    Mysian Lamia
    • Default Cost to 73
    • Upgrade Set 1: Petrifying Gaze, Shrinking Gaze, Shrinking Scion (default)
    Mairdreth of the Rot
    • Default Cost to 86
    • Speed increase (+1)
    • Classes: BRUTE
    • Starting Abilities: Flight, Attack: Physical, Hunter: Diseased
    Nether Wraith
    • Default Cost to 63
    • Starting Abilities: Attack: Psychic, Trickster
    • Upgrade Set 1: Hinder Movement, Hex 2 (default), Stall
    • Upgrade Set 1: Relocate: Ally, Swap 3 (default), Relocate: DMZ
    • Bringing a bit of Stealth/Tricksy stuff back to Spirits
    Risen Moga
    • Default Cost to 56
    • Starting Abilities: Attack: Physical, Howling Attack
    • Upgrade Set 1: Damage Shield: Disease 2, Ally: Shattered Peaks, Zombie Apocalypse (default)
    Rotmaw Creeper
    • Default Cost to 68
    • Upgrade Set 1: Stat Bonus: Speed 1, Zeal: Speed (default), Empowered: Offense
    Serkan, Lich Master
    • Upgrade Set 1: Vengeful (default), Defensive Strike, Dictate
    • Default Cost to 72
    • Min Range increase (+1)
    • Max Range increase (+1)
    • Starting Abilities: Attack: Electricity, Hidden: Dead Magic Zone, Shadestrike
    • Upgrade Set 1: Barrage 1, Punish (default), Sabotage: Electricity
    • Upgrade Set 1: Phase Shift, Vaporize, Backlash (default)
    Skeezick Boneblade
    • Default Cost to 61
    • Starting Abilities: Attack: Physical, Cleave
    Skeletal Lerper
    • Default Cost to 71
    • Damage increase (+1)
    • Upgrade Set 1: Shadowspawn (default), Hidden: Dead Magic Zone, Shadowstrike
    Skeletal Reaper
    • Upgrade Set 1: Hunter: Hero, Hunter: Diseased, Render (default)
    Soul Collector
    • Upgrade Set 1: Desecrated Zone 2 (default), Depression, Incoherent Babbling
    Stitched Dreameater [Forsaken Wastes, Underdepths]
    • Upgrade Set 1: Nora Leech (default), Backlash
    Stitched Hexer [Forsaken Wastes, Underdepths]
    • Starting Abilities: Vulnerability: Psychic, Attack: Magical, Stitched, Reconstruct: Dreameater, Meld: Stitched Merged, Reconstruct: Mangler
    Stitched Skeleform [Forsaken Wastes, Underdepths]
    • Default Cost to 70
    • Upgrade Set 1: Encouraged, Unleash (default), Sustain: Berserker
    Tomb Lord
    • Default Cost to 76
    • Upgrade Set 1: Summon: Skeleton 1, Summon: Skeleton 2 (default), Summon: Skeleton 3
    • Upgrade Set 2: Boost: Skeleton (default), Drive
    Tomb Sentinel
    • Default Cost to 57
    • Upgrade Set 1: Charge 3, Absorb (default), Empowered: Defense
    Tormented Priest
    • Default Cost to 79
    • Upgrade Set 1: Soften (default), Boost: Skeleton, Dispelling Blows
    Utterdark Leviathan
    • Default Cost to 76
    • Damage decrease (-2)
    • HP increase (+5)
    • Defense increase (+1)
    • Max Range increase (+1)
    • Starting Abilities: Resistance: Magical, Attack: Electricity, Soultap Feedback, Soulseeker
    • Upgrade Set 1: Phase Shift, Vaporize (default), Reflection 4
    • Upgrade Set 1: Surge: Spirit, Logistics: Speed, Hunter: Soultapped (default)
    Utterdark Soulrender
    • Default Cost to 70
    • HP increase (+2)
    • Starting Abilities: Attack: Magical, Soul Channeling, Homing Sense
    • Upgrade Set 1: Initiative 2 (default), Reinforcement 2, Phantom Dash
    • Upgrade Set 1: Phase Shift, Vaporize, Hunter: Soultapped (default)
    Utterdark Voidhowler
    • Upgrade Set 1: Sonic Aura 2 (default), Leap 3
    Vothsair Monstrosity [Forsaken Wastes, Underdepths]
    • Default Cost to 87
    • Upgrade Set 1: Blood Rage, Vivify (default), Imposing Aura
    • Default Cost to 75
    • Damage increase (+1)
    • Upgrade Set 1: Distract, Hunter: Soultapped (default), Vengeful
    • Upgrade Set 1: Drain 2, Shadestrike, Soultap (default)
    • Moving away from ranged Surgeb, but still want to maintain its long range damage motif
    Wandering Zombie
    • Default Cost to 66
    • Starting Abilities: Attack: Physical, Brainless
    Zombie Rotwrapper
    • Default Cost to 74
    • Min Range increase (+1)

    • Area Effect 4: A Dead Magic Zone is created in the target area for 6 turns. All nora globes that drop within the affected area are automatically collected by the casting player.
    • Nora Cost increase (+5)
    • Cooldown increase (+1)
    Elsarin Night
    • Nora Cost decrease (-5)
    • Cooldown decrease (-1)
    Execution Order
    • Description: Area Effect 3: Friendly champions with a MAX RNG of 2 or less gain 2 AP, Mobility and Execute for 1 turn.
    • AE3 instead of global but now works on MAX RNG of 2 or less and grants AP directly instead of Shrine Exertion
    Necro Hex
    • Description: Target real champion gains Necrosis, Disease Eater, and Race: Undead. Your Shrine's deployment zone is increased by 1.
    • No longer references Boon of the Undead
    Ritual of Ashes
    • Description: For 6 turns, the next time target friendly champion takes damage, opposing non-Avatar champions within 5 spaces become Cursed for 5 turns and take 50% of the damage as Magic damage. If the target was already Cursed, then this will deal an additional 5 damage. This effect does not stack and is hidden until triggered.
    • Reduced to AE5 as part of standardization of AEs
    • Description: Target champion gains Liability, Lumbering and Pariah for 6 turns. This spell refunds 3 nora for each friendly Worm, Skeleton or Zombie, to a maximum of 15.
    • Mutant replaced by Skeleton
    Arroyo Portal [Forsaken Wastes, Shattered Peaks]
    • Nora Modifier decrease (-15)
    • Description: This relic has Desecrated Zone 3 (Area Effect 3: Affected spaces are <mechanic value=dead_magic_zone>Dead Magic Zone</mechanic>) and Arroyo Portal (When an enemy champion comes into play, this unit loses 3 HP and a Rift Spirit without upgrades is summoned to an adjacent space).
    • Now loses 3 HP per summon, limiting the potential number of summons and nora cost reduced
    Bone Mine
    • Nora Modifier increase (+10)
    Bone Trap
    • Nora Modifier decrease (-5)
    Chopping Block
    • Nora Modifier increase (+5)
    Elsarin Vex
    • Nora Modifier increase (+5)
    Plague Trap
    • Description: When an enemy champion moves within 2 spaces of this relic, this relic is destroyed, and enemy champions within 2 spaces take 8 Disease damage and become Diseased for 3 turns.This damage ignores DEF.
    • No longer causes Infectious

    Fleshsewn Helm
    • Nora Cost increase (+5)
    • Description: Equipped champion has Disease Aura 2, Resistance - Physical 2 and Amplify: Disease
    Darkmarsh Blackstaff [Forglar Swamp, Forsaken Wastes]
    • Nora Cost decrease (-10)
    • Description: Equipped champion gains Disease Eater, Poison Eater, Amplify: Disease, Amplify: Poison.
    • Redesigned
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  2. kalasle

    kalasle Forum Royalty

    RIP Doom, we knew ye too well.

    Execution Order maybe playable now?

    Worms got some hits as well.

    Also worth noting that Xulos, though unlisted, changed slightly with the changes to Drain. He has worse healing now.
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  3. Skeezick

    Skeezick Forum Royalty

    so...seamstress is losing heal? and hexer is losing hex? what are you doing
  4. kalasle

    kalasle Forum Royalty

    Didn't Hexer have it on upgrades?
  5. Skeezick

    Skeezick Forum Royalty

    oh yeah probably,my bad
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  6. IronStylus

    IronStylus I need me some PIE!

    I don't understand the changes on inkblight. I thought her base abilities are the same.
  7. Sokolov

    Sokolov The One True Cactuar Desert Owl Games

    Gave Seamstress back Charged Heal.
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  8. Skeezick

    Skeezick Forum Royalty

    rant over,sok is best
  9. themacca

    themacca Master of Challenges

    Lol did bonecrusher get nerfed?
  10. TeaNinja

    TeaNinja I need me some PIE!

    Really like Execution Order redesign.
  11. limone1981

    limone1981 I need me some PIE!

    how's that?
  12. kalasle

    kalasle Forum Royalty

    Lost surge champs, logistics flanking changed, bz nerfed
  13. limone1981

    limone1981 I need me some PIE!

    didn't notice the rotmaw change...and no more +1 spd on logistic flanking
  14. Elric

    Elric I need me some PIE!

    Witches got whacked by the nerf bat:

    1) Coven Claw lost Shadestrike.
    2) Shadestrike (on Elsari Votary and Dark Seductress) affects spaces within 2 spaces of the target, not 3.
    3) Shrinking Gaze (on Mysian Lamia) affects enemy champions moving within 3, not 4.
    4) Deafening Aura (on Banshee of the Rose, Cackling Witch, and Wailing Banshee) affects enemy champions moving within 2 spaces, not 3.
    5) Deafening Aura does 2 damage, not 3.
    6) Ruin (on Croma Extinguisher) now only grants a bonus when destroying a friendly relic.
    7) Shadestrike lasts for 3 turns, not 6.
    8) Elsari Coven only works on enemy champs when they touch an enemy DMZ, no longer on deploy from the rune dock.
    9) According to IronStylus, AoE nerf to Despoil. Also, I think Despoil got a reduction in how long it lasts.
    10) From IronStylus, +2 nora to Sabotage: Lethargy on Golden Lamia.

    Wow, that is A LOT of nerfs!

    Anything I missed?
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  15. SireofSuns

    SireofSuns I need me some PIE!

    Looks like Disease Amp is going to be a big thing, neat.

    I'm sorry, what rune are you talking about? I thought we deleted that one a long time ago.
  16. IronStylus

    IronStylus I need me some PIE!

    AoE nerf to despoil and no preparation choice (discusable if it's a nerf) in up1 to mysian, instead having petrifying gaze.
    Also a lil +2 nora to sabotage: lethargy but i wouldn't even look at it if you didn't ask
  17. Sokolov

    Sokolov The One True Cactuar Desert Owl Games

    Note that Coven Claw also lost Vuln: Magical.
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  18. Zorack

    Zorack I need me some PIE!

    Damn, skeletons got Bane Shift on hard.
  19. SireofSuns

    SireofSuns I need me some PIE!

    I blame the Bone Mine.
  20. SireofSuns

    SireofSuns I need me some PIE!

    People always told me she was just a better version of Dark Seductress, so I rather like her change. :)

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