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  1. Karmavore


    Idk, no real conditions other than telling me a rad story you have that relates to pox, doesn't exactly have to be in the game itself, if it stems from something in pox in one way or another I'll allow it.

    Cheers, fu ck ers.
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    Oh lord...
  3. Loyaute

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    This game means a lot to me. I met some of my best friends on the game 9ish years ago, and we're still going strong to this day. Nothing has been able to replicate the Pox experience for us, and it'll be sad when it's gone.
    It's frustrating, rewarding, buggy, infuriating, and one of the most complex and information dense games out there, and I firking love it. No regrets about any aspect of this game.
    @Thbigchief @darkpally5 @Cman2002 @mrpenguinrox, you the realest.
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    Story: ur mom, the end.

    Did I win lewtz?
  5. SPiEkY

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    Yeah! Free Grim'thir! He didn't do it!
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  6. davre

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    If you loan me your KF harb(s?) I will reinstall pox to play KF/IS angels only.
  7. Axeraiser

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    When I used to trade a lot I managed to get myself a full set of Harbingers, 2 of every faction , I remember I had them up on a three day trade just to show a few people I had them. 2 days into the trade an old Pox friend of mine logs on, we were tight back in the day and he says hes looking to get back into the game and asks if i can help him out with FS runes, so I hook him up with a top tier deck, Legs, Exos etc and I toss the trade up. He bids and I go in and accept his offer. Later on I realize he had actually bid on my full set of Harbies and i had accepted the offer without realizing. I thought he was joking at first but he wouldnt give them back and said he hadnt done anything wrong simply made a bid and I accepted.

    I was pretty distraught and hit up our boy HawkFain and explained what happened and after some investigating he actually gifted me a full set of Harbingers onto my account . He was going to trade ban the guys account but he had already moved the Harbs onto various alts and had traded like 2 of them for runes from other players already. A couple days later the guy messaged me on Facebook saying he felt bad and would give me my Harbs back. So I ended up with 30 Harbingers ( minus the 2 he had traded ) and I gave away the spare set to random new players in my guild at the time and helped each of them trade up to several competetive decks as a result and many of them stayed playing for years to come. Those were the days, when the devs cared about the players.
  8. Gnomes

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    Back at the way beggining when i started with this game i was around 12 and i did not have many runes, but i loved theory crafting BG's. so i would have the rune checklist up and would click on the different runes and bla bla. Any way my mother had a boyfriend back then, and he had kids of his own that were around our age, 2 boys and 2 girls, and i was kinda into one of the girls.(which is not weird) she was about a year and a half older then i was.

    Anyway, they came to our house a lot and we went to theirs a lot. But this incident happend near the beginning when we had only known them for maybe 2-3 months or so. They came over and i had totally forgoten and was playing pox with my headphones on, they come into my room and i notice, and i was like "OOh hey guys whats up wana chill or do what ever". I stand up and greet em and all that bla bla, but then after about 3 min of talking, one of the guys notices something funny on my computer screen. Apparently this was the exact runes i clicked on right before they came into my room and i had completely forgotten...

    Needless to say they all saw it and thought i was some kind of weird kid who was into that kind of stuff at 12.... Luckily we all became close friends over the years anyhow. My mom even still keeps in contact with the guy even though they live in the US.
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    Because my 6 year old son Remy likes playing this game, starting the next gen POX. Can you throw in your Fan Faire too? I'll be here until the bitter end.
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  10. Karmavore


    I don't get it.
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    Free him as if he were in prison, ala Free Hat from South Park, where they advertised a free hat, and people showed up to support freeing child murderer, Hat McCullogh.
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  12. nepyonisdead

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    This is the story of how this game came to mean so Firking much to me so prepare the tissues cuz there will be tears...and lots of em.

    3 years ago myself @Tweek516 @Drache77 were competing hard core to reach top 10 first, this was around the time baller broke voils and got to 3k exp rank 1 and tiny sat in number 2 with 1.6k or so. Anyhow the competition between us is firing up and every game was followed by alot of trash talk :p we were in the same guild (( rage of K'thir)) so it was always for lolz and never saltiness / rage.

    Anyways on a cold winter night the stars aligned and thunder struck and myself and @Tweek516 finally faced off, we had played loads of times before and were pretty close to each other's level and we were both using very strong bgs. He was playing ST beasts if memory serves and i was playing ST/SP (( hermaios's style)), the game was literally balanced on a kinfes edge with each of us taking every single square into account and what the other player can do. It was FW 2 font map so there wasnt going to be a draw win and man i ve never felt more tense / on edge before.

    Anyways we are trading kills and finally my power turn comes and i kill 4 units in the same turn so we are left with 4 units ((on my side)) to 2 units ((aron's side)) with one of his units being a support. Every other champ we both had had been on CD once at least cuz it was that Firking bloody of a match. He then uses a spell that i havent seen in soo Firking long and plays summon ant and gets 1 swarm, I didnt think that was a big deal cuz I was in his font and he was forced to transfigure so i figured well its over. Boy was I wrong in two turns that one ant became 3 ants and i was left with 1 support champ + a Firk ton of nora and no way to hold him off cuz all my units werent gonna come off CD for 3 - 4 turns save for goliath fesh (( which i was forced to deploy)).

    His shrine had taken quite alot of dmg so he kept it back and i was on the verge of surrendering and never playing the game again out of rage, the mental effort i had put into this one hour and a half of a game was phenomenal and for it to end up in a loss.... I couldnt wrap my head around it. Thats when i saw it ....the shrine snipe of all shrine snipes but i needed 250 nora or so and had to make sure he doesnt suspect it. It happened by mistake honestly cuz i didnt realise the goliath fesh cuz move anywhere on that map with tunnel so when i figured it out i started planning how can i do 30 dmg on a shrine thats at least 15 - 19 spaces away.

    The next turn was the most tense one in my time as a pox player, my hands were shaking as this had to work without a single mistake and if he had a snow blind up then it was all for nothing. So I start by transfiguring the shrine and giving the ap bonus into the fesh --> tunnel close to his units ---> alacrity to get me withing 2 spaces of the shrine ---> totem that has skewer in SP ----> elemntal vortex + avalanche. The shrine died and I couldnt believe that I had pulled it off, me and aron have had our fair share of matches and if anything he prolly beat me more times than i beat him + we were / are pretty close friends and so we were both very glad to have had that match in the end win/lose.

    Whether this story wins the grimthir or not is honestly not important :p this game had everything I loved about pox and in the following years i am yet to have a single game that matches that one, and in all honesty if I do win the grimthir id prolly give it to aron for being such a good friend / rival over the years and also....for being a KF maining scrub :)
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  13. darklord48

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    Definitely don't give him to me, I've never played KF and rarely login anymore.

    I remember back before single player was released, there were a few of us that had setup an RPG within the game. Revenancer, myself, and a few others were "DMing" games. The way it worked was that at the start of the game, both players would end turn a lot to build up nora. Then the DM would deploy, capture fonts, and setup the "dungeon". The player would summon their team of 4 champions with 4 equipment. If I remember correctly, two spells were allowed as well. There may have been a nora cap, but this was back when circus decks were allowed, so I don't fully recall.
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    I have a lot of stories about online happenings, but Pox was one of the few games to make me get off my ass and actually travel IRL. The first time this happened, it was around the SOE Live (2013-4ish?) event. Pox had a panel there and I wanted to see if some other poxers would show up so I bought tickets for the event's full duration and planned some sightseeing while I was down there. Pox had a decently sized panel next to the now defunct MtG Tactics and there was even some cool banner which SOE had incorrectly positioned on the opposite end of the event hall rather than hanging by the stand, but it was nice nonetheless. I remember meeting Hawk, Sok, Krebmart and some fellow Moga player while being there as well as some others. I bought some books and board games from the stands and I think it was Sok or Kreb who taught me how to play Dominion. I think we also played Citadels and some other board game but that's about all I remember aside from the Pox stuff. There was also this presentation on the future of Pox's storytelling and they gave us high res posters of champ rune art. I got Maxx because he seemed the best out of the bunch and they also took some pictures of the attendees as to make some runes inspired by our likeness. All in all, it was pretty comfy. I wish more people had attended but I understand why they wouldn't pay that much money to go there.

    After the event was over, it was time to head back home and I arrived at the airport like 2 hours before boarding so I took my time, had a meal and hit the bathroom to unleash fury upon some poor stall but I left my Maxx poster there. I noticed soon enough and head back to fetch it but some kiddo grabbed it and I decided to let him keep it since he seemed pretty content with the "Satan poster" he had found, as he put it. Maybe that kid or his dad would later find about Pox through it, who knows. All in all, it was the best Pox event I attended, and I attended most if not all of them. I booked for PAX and that one other event Sony runs, Playstation Experience I think, but no old Poxers showed up. I mean, they were kinda interesting events by themselves but I was hoping to put some faces to the user handles of players I had interacted with for years. I thought I'd get to meet Sepulcher in PAX for sure but he seemed to have some beef with DOG. Oh well.
  15. Baskitkase

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    He transfigured but you killed his shrine.
  16. nepyonisdead

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    you must be fun at parties
  17. Baskitkase

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    I’m a blast. They guy who cooks and grills always wins. Back to you’re retransfiguring shrines though. o_O
  18. nepyonisdead

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    I like my steak well done :) just something to keep you bust :p

    PS I am just joking so no need to get passive aggressive
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    Oh.. LOL.
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    Just a heads up, I'm gonna let this thread run a couple weeks before announcing a winner, more than one entry can be submitted, I don't really care!

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