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    That is so miserably true.

    However, pass the Grimthir.
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    Tell me a cool story. @poxrooster
    also @chris0024 That's a bit of a stretch, it'll most likely be shut down end of year, why would it end somewhere in the 8th/9th month. Makes no sense.
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    @Karmavore Here's your story. TLDR.

    I'll be turning 50 in a few years, and when you get older, you reflect on life. You're familiar with school shootings on campuses I gather? I've been teaching at colleges in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 10 years. I teach at Canada College (pronounced in Spanish "Can-ya-da"), and I teach pubic speaking. About 9 years ago, I had this awkward student in my class. We were doing a speech on people, and he was giving a speech on Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber who killed over a hundred people with a van bomb under a government building. Anyway, the guy in my class was doing a speech on Timothy and Timothy's manifesto that he published. This was a very controversial speech, and I like controversial speeches. When I sat down with him, I asked him, "Why are you giving a speech about Timothy McVeigh?" My student said the following to my face. He said, "Because killing people is funny." Now, I had never head that, and it was fairly alarming. I went to tell my wife, and she said that I need to say something. So I talked with my student the next class, and he admitted that he should not have said those words, and nothing happened except he did cause some conflict in my class on a few occasions.

    The very next semester, I was teaching at Skyline College up the road (I'm a part time teach on multiple campuses). There was a school shooting on campus. (You can read about it here: The authorities called it a gang related shooting. Only one guy got shot in the butt, but there were bullet holes in some of the classrooms roughly about a foot over their heads. After this incident, they gave us training on what to do if someone starts shooting. There have been two false shooter calls on two other campuses I was teaching at. All of this really has made me rethink school safety.

    Now, in every class I have, on the first day of school, when we go through the classroom policies, I talk more about campus safety. I tell them the stories I just shared and then go into my schpeel, which is something like this. "If we hear anything that sounds like a pop, pop, pop or an alarm or announcement about a shooter on campus, I'm going to turn into a different person. I spent 8 years in the armed forces, and I'm going to start barking orders. It's nothing personal. I just need you to do what I tell you to do because my wife would want me to get home, and if I can save every one along the way, then I want to get it done. Here's what we are going to do. We going to take everything in the room and throw it up against the doors, and I mean everything. Then, we'll turn off the lights and start calling out to people and 911 with our cell phones. Usually, this alone will be enough to save us. However, if someone tries to get in the room that we can not identify, then I'm going for the gun because the gun will lead into the room. I'm going to try to pin the gun down. Now, if the gun has been fired, then the barrel will be hot, and it means my skin will melt to the barrel, and I won't be able to do anything else. So I'm going to ask you students to jump the guy and put him down. Black eyes, bloody nose, broken whatever, I don't care. I just want him out, but I want him alive so that he can be served justice. AND I'll give you an A in my class for a good pummeling." That is honestly what I share, and I hope I'm NEVER put to the task.


    Now, I'd really like Grimthir to build a legitimate Deception deck, and only Grinthir can help me pull it off.
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    So far the best, not so much related to pox in any way. But who cares.
    I'm glad you take the safety of your students and yourself so seriously and that you always have a plan. The world is crazy, so it's good to be prepared for the madness.
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    One time hashinshin sent me nudes.

    Pretty good story amirite?
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    I give it a....MEDIUMALLTIME
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    Are they shutting it down totally ?
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    Doesn't have to make sense cause I wasn't being serious lol

    I thought it was obvious with the emoji an all :confused:
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    Everything i know about english, i learnt it here. Because Firk school and whatever
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    I have no clue man lol

    Whether it shuts down or not it's basically dead in my eyes cause no one is playing. And by no one I mean not enough good players.
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    me, baller ,tiny , axeraiser and a bunch of others are still going at it. If you are on discord anyone of these days give us a shout and ull get a good match :)

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