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Discussion in 'Forglar Swamp' started by GabrielQ, Aug 16, 2020.

  1. GabrielQ

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    I thought it would be nice to have some activity on the forums, for those that don't know, Poxnora discussion is most active on the Discord Server: https://discord.gg/btbKFHB

    This is my current BG:
    Annotation 2020-08-16 122011.jpg
    Currently sold on the Chilling scales and the leaves on the wind as main melee, very good mobility, staying power and damage output. Stillwater mutant bring more resilience, Salaman Elite is used as heavy hitter in the late game, and doombringer brings adaptive and champ control. Ninja is there to bring a capable stealth unit that can hold or even win a side font.
    Tide Master escalates nicely with adaptive, and tidal wave enables drown and is nice non targeted damage to deal with things like Vothsairs and Nokahn Do. Augurs are better at handling enemy melee and slam enables nice plays, they also have non targeted damage with water vortex. Mindcallers synergize mainly with Stillwater Mutant, but are more than decent on their own.
    Jellebrium is mostly utility, with detection, distraction and disbelief, also is cheap enough to make double deploys going second.
    The silent master is in testing phase. Using portal watcher and preparation, half the champion have some sort of relocation so getting multiattack up is trivial and there are other 7 monks that can benefit from fury of a thousand strikes, with the possibility to powerful interactions with Chilling scale's exertion for example.

    Spell selection is working well atm, I shuffle between poisonous fumes and hungry mire to synergize with augurs. Boglight crystals are good healing, I was running one and a rejuvenation fountain but bogligth crystal can proc provision on the salaman elite.

    There is a lot of flexibility to extend on any of the subthemes of the BG:

    Leaning towards adaptive you can add darkmarsh defilers and another doombringer

    Adding to the slam synergy you can run Elder Murkwurm and Voidmages

    More psychic damage with another stillwater mutant and adding voidmages
  2. Anima26

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    I feel like FS Meta could incorporate The Collective relic fairly well now. Lots of solid meta runes across a lot of diff races. Boghopper, Snaptooth, Firk, Tortun, Elemental, Beast, Salaman, Ferren, Jakei, Plant, Mutant, Jellebrium. Wish the relic had preordained, sucks when it sits at bottom of your deck.

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