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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KTCAOP, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. ArtmanOz

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    I just happened to pop in and was pleasantly surprised. This game is truly unique and special. Take as long as you need Octopi as it is clear the fanbase will always remain loyal and put the $ anywhere to support long term growth.

    - Art
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  2. yuore

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    Has anyone created something similar to poxnora, either on android or whatever, FLASH GAME, ANYTHING?
  3. chickenpox2

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    Capilator's pox better than the real thing
  4. Zar1ne

    Zar1ne New Member

    Как больно. Я надеюсь, что это не правда. Pox должен жить!
  5. BottomFeeder

    BottomFeeder New Member

    OP: I like the new ideas fully and entirely. Building a constellation of pox products is a great idea for giving this game a breath of life.
    The one thing i read that worried me is calling it pox 2. I worry that you are literally making pox nora but 3d. There have been 3d games released by other companies that have tried and died doing that exact thing, modernizing pox noras concept. Battle forge is one example, but there have been many. I get scared by two things, calling it pox nora 2 would be bad, because it sort of precludes return gamers from playing 1, why would they if they could play 2, especially given the collectible nature of the games. The other is that you will try to reinvent the wheel. If you try to make a new pox universe game it should be something new and unique in gaming, but spiritually true to pox nora. Like a civilization style game but where you run decks that unlock over eras and define what kind of people you are in the pox universe. Just something unique that adds without taking from the origonal; driving players to try all your products and making your line more robust.

    In summery remaking the game in 3d huge money hole with no premise or promise; its been done.
    Calling it Pox Nora 2 would kill whats left of Pox Nora 1.
    Creating a constellation of products with books and board games great!
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  6. chickenpox2

    chickenpox2 I need me some PIE!

    I'm sorry I disagree we need 3d graphics, the graphics we have now was fine in 2000 and 2010 but now we already in 2020 the games graphics is incomparable to new release atm.

    We have to make them all 3d maps the only thing that holds up till now is the 3d models of the runes which I think don't need to change maybe have it touched up a little
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  7. BottomFeeder

    BottomFeeder New Member

    It's ok you weren't abrasive about it. :D
    Your wants are reasonable. Though we disagree, at its core, we probably don't disagree much. We simply end at very far points from origin of each other.
  8. newsbuff

    newsbuff Forum Royalty

    I disagree, for turn based tactics games, 2D is common and easy on the eyes.
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  9. aseryen

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    @Daggan do you know what evergreen marketing is?
  10. Neksis

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    2D sprites are fine, if they consistent.
    PoxNora's sprites are not consistent, their quality is all over the place.
  11. Kampel

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    I agree

    I do not believe in them and they will not get my support.
    Those are all empty promises in green.
  12. aseryen

    aseryen I need me some PIE!

    Just wanted to bring some attention to the IG octopiv

    Looks like they have contracted a 3D artist, very niche style but they’ve set the quality pretty high. Imo Anthony Lopes model of Matt Dixon’s artwork is a good enough standard for getting a 3D product out. Industry tune is “iterate, iterate...iterate” and a higher fidelity base model ups production time. Works for marketing though.

    Hoping something good comes from the new surge in developer attention, wether or not I’ve burned bridges to work/freelance with octopi, time will tell.

    Regardless of everything, it still stands that “whoever” old/new, OGDev/Vet...with the lull in development (going on 5years) I’m not counting the original Octopi days of backtracking as productive) the market has expanded to consume Poxnora whatever genre it breaks into.

    An update on my ‘clone’...still a WIP. I’ve been working with software more, Autodesk mainly, always working on paper and crunching numbers.

    And as always, seeking forgiveness before asking permission. @Daggan
  13. michael pietrzak

    michael pietrzak The King of Potatoes

    just wanted to chime in...and say......Sundered Lands FOREVER

    been here since 2006.so glad its coming back.
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  14. Baskitkase

    Baskitkase Forum Royalty

    Glad to see theres some efforts being made to resurrect the game (new/different game). Was cleaning out my bookmarks and found "pox nora forums" on there and clicked it before deleting it, glad I did. I have very low expectations and wouldn't invest a cent into kickstarting anything from this group though, so I'll just wait for the release of something playable. I can't even imagine how small the market must be for an "art book" much less a board game, but I'd love to be wrong about that. I have a 12 and 15 year old boys, they will want nothing to do with that. As a player, neither do I. If they come to me and say "dad, can we buy/play this game" I'm very likely to say "yes" and purchase it (given an acceptable content rating). So if I'm not interested and neither are my boys (given: we are an accurate cross-section of these demographics), thats about 30 years of demographics that don't want an 'art book' or board game. Those things coming purely out of a marketing budget? Maybe, if you plan to do Cons. I still think boob art banners would do better for less.

    The most recent "genre" to come out similar to Pox was either the card flip games or autochess, neither of those lasted - althought from a return on investment perspective, they were probably pretty successful.

    One major structural difference between those games and this is how quick they play. I think these days your game really needs to move. Click click click, end turn, watch watch watch back to me gogogo. I hope they move away from the board-style dungeon crawl/chess matches - not because I didn't enjoy them - just because it allows for an inevitable power creep and the slow demise of the games population and success.

    One thing I think Pox did great was the continual releasing of content. Thats sooooooo required for ANY game these days - new shiny toys. This is accomplished via true new content and skins and temporarily available content (battlepass type stuff). Keep that if you can, in some form. I feel like games should use their intial investment and budget for release 2.0, not just alpha/beta/release ok guys, now what? Go ahead and create your first year or two of post-release content so you can keep resources on game integrity and still have a good release schedule for content.

    Best of luck to Octopi!
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  15. Markus422

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  16. aseryen

    aseryen I need me some PIE!

    Can’t say I like gameplay that’s less than 45 mins; I’m personally a fan of attrition over blitz, that being said I’ve been mostly working on a blitz-loop/sequence that is imo elevated from a mini-game although that’s essentially the concept.

    Imo, the shorter loops should be trying to throw everything at the game that can fit; allowing for some of those efforts to translate into the whole of the game loop outside of economy/rewards.

    I’ve always been going at this from what Pox should have translated into had it not done the PSN port. Give a lot more in terms of developer tools to the players and slowly start breaking the 4th wall in terms of immersion.

    When the launcher was trashed (the state it is in now) there seemed to be this forcing of immersion. For some reason the concept of Pox working on mobile seeped into the design and what we have is a mess of Console/Mobile GUI/HUD; maybe it looks better on Vita...but short of Pox having propelled that device into the limelight it was obvious it was a failing product. PSN was unfortunately a money grab and because of that a lot of risks weren’t taken that could have been used to balance rather than fudging numbers Which was the latter part of DOGs era.

    Ultimately I’m not going to make the mistake that the previous devs have made trying to make a name for myself over those that previously handled the IP; I’m hoping Pox picks up so that I can focus on more technical features than developing a comprehensive lore/timeline to play the game.

    Ultimately @Daggan has the right idea to branch into multiple genres but if it’s from the perspective that Poxnora is “3D-chess on steroids” and only builds from a binary Black/White:Living/Undead then the whole of Pox lore is lost. I won’t be playing the card game anytime soon so as for expanding into other formats, it needs to either be supported or sustained by PoxNora lore.

    I have to go from what has been expressed and that is a binary future for Pox; which is even more reason why I’m copying as much as I can 1:1 Vothsair, Boghopper, Salaman, G’hern, Moga, etc.

    It’s all fair game from my standpoint. @Sokolov can keep the STATs that he vomited into existence, and then ate for leftovers, time...and time again...I mean it’s all edible but...ughhh so much crap comes from DOGs...
  17. Baskitkase

    Baskitkase Forum Royalty

    My apologies, please allow me to resubmit a millenialflake version:

    Like, totally don't body shame and throw shade on your new version by making the same mistakes.

    Clap back at the haters by keepin in the good stuff that your other game totally had.

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  18. Markus422

    Markus422 I need me some PIE!

    Thanks for your understanding
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  19. yuore

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    Friend, if you want we can play some games, I'm very old but I don't have super pros decks, so maybe we can have a good time.


    DOODLEROCK New Member

    buffs and nerfs off of the table,
    pox nora 1 deserves to have working as intended visuals (e.g. visual indicator for imperious) as well as have in game information available on spells via the combat log.
    Before we move onto a pox two.

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