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    Hi All, Daggan, Gedden and Dromos here (We are the guys that originally created PoxNora back in the garage 14 years ago).

    We think it is about time to announce everything that has been going on behind the scenes. Daggan and Desert Owl have just completed an agreement that allows us to combine forces to continue to develop the world we call PoxNora -- back as Octopi.

    Yes, Octopi is coming back.

    We have extremely big plans. I think everyone can agree that the heart and soul of PoxNora is something special, and means lots of different things to different people. It’s been a big part of our lives and we believe there is so much more potential, and we can’t wait until we can show you what that looks like.

    What does that mean right now?
    We have just completed the first official PoxNora art book, which will go live on Kickstarter soon! We are also developing a PoxNora board game as well.

    As many of you are aware, we have been discussing the possibility of re-releasing the java client, re-setting all of the standings and really just breathing some life back into the existing PoxNora. We are currently plotting how best to do this. Lots of moving parts so we are being slow and deliberate.

    After so much time we want to be careful about promising anything before there are definitive plans, however the philosophy moving forward will be that of Octopi. We’re doing this for you, so feedback for the things we plan on doing will be paramount. More to come on this. Thank you for being patient as we transition!

    Future Plans
    We are in a fundraising mode for the future development.

    Our goal is to develop a series of games from which players can play, explore and experience the world of PoxNora from different genres and platforms. Obviously a next gen tactical ‘PoxNora 2’ would be amazing. A cooperative next gen 3D RPG set MANY years after the events of the original PoxNora would be riveting, as would an action based competitive multiplayer game. Over the past year we have been fleshing out several design ideas that have us all very excited.

    Here are two new characters that will feature in the upcoming games:
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