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    Hey All,

    Old player, first time poster.

    I wanted to talk about the FW bonus. From what I have noticed, many people say the FW bonus is about getting units killed. From what I have noticed and talked about with other players , this is not true. The FW bonus is about utility. A unit does not have to die in order for the bonus to activate. It is the threat of being able to redeploy that unit ~60% faster after it is killed that is the bonus. For example, say if you spend 100 nora to kill a death harvester. That commitment you made is not as impactful because the death harvester can come back quicker.

    another example, say you have an afflicted corpse on the enemy font. this is a very powerful move because for 41 nora, you have a fairly decent rune on the font (just for argument sake lets say this is true). it takes roughly 3 turns of movement to get on that font on turn 10. If this unit dies, you can get this unit back in the same position at turn 20 because of your CD bonus. Other factions would take until turn 30+. This means that the FW bonus also gives a bonus to the specific units gaining AP. It's really important to understand that the FW bonus helps with positioning.

    Lastly, the FW bonus can also work better with low cost units better than other units. This is because the 0 value of these runes is very powerful. For example, if you deploy a broken bones, and he dies before he gains AP, it may have costed the opponent a net loss of higher than the value of his AP gain; even worse, he may have actually just added more broken bones onto the field by leaving a clone alive! (cd timer starts when the main unit dies, not the clones or reanimates)
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    A more subtle benefit of the bonus is that it awards you for finding ways to run your units on x4 and x9 costs (44, 69, 54, 39, etc). Since a units cooldown is cost/5, finding a way to remove 1 point of nora on the cost effectively means those units come back even sooner. Not usually a big deal in the other factions, since most times a dead unit of sufficiently high cost likely won't see play again, but a big deal for FW
  3. Bushido

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    Yes, this is related to the 0 value of a rune. As the potential cd timer approaches 0, a rune gains exponential levels of utility. Maximising this is very important.

    I also think this relates to why sometimes mid tier abilities can be better in fw. For example, korsein's battle harden at rank two is very interesting, because if korsein dies, all units lose the global effect of +6 hp.

    So , if you korsein had +9 hp to battle harden would he be better? Well, maybe not, because for the added cost you also risk more than you would with other factions.

    This comes down to basic ability design ; you usually try to maximize the ability if it is good (you take rank 3) or you try and minimize the cost of the ability (taking rank 1) if it is a liability / has diminishing returns / you need to fit a sub 105 / 125 nora deployment plan. I think FW has more to gain in theory than other factions do when taking certain mid tier abilities than other factions. Which imo is very interesting.
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    but what would be the solution then, yeah the bonus is bad but how can we replace it, all dead themes in game are that undead are stronger in numbers, there must be a way that we can multiply our units in the field faster so the opposing player feel the urgency to rush knowing he abosolutly wont win in late.
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    First time poster?
  6. XFurionsX

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    not really, why?
  7. GabrielQ

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    Bushido is DiceMoney, yet he's claiming to be a "first time poster" here
  8. XFurionsX

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    Liches with ethereal rock, im gonna make em work even if lose 600 times :rolleyes:
  9. Bushido

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    etheral is a really strong ability in general. It's my favorite on Genesis lich because of his long cds.

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