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    Here to document what I consider to be bad reworks / implementations since @Etherielin , professional wow player, has started his career in game design.

    I'll also document the positive changes, but they are so few (for fw) there's no reason to change title.

    Major negative changes

    1). Fw angel rework (made worse)
    2). Witch rework (overall still extremely weak, nothing became more meta)
    3). Dark rising nerf (destroyed, not viable)
    4). Bone mine nerf (destroyed, not viable)
    5). Shadecaster nerf (misdirected, stupid)
    6). Stitched skelform nerf (destroyed, misdirected)
    8). Skull of decay nerf (misdirected)
    9). Alt damage types ; worst possible allocation of alt types, did nothing to further advancement of revel in misery / disease decks, made. Mirror matchups SIGNIFICANTLY worse, made toll taker worse.... poison on merideth...
    10) made skeletons a tier 3 deck overall

    Major Positive changes; morgana, fleshweaver witch, netherwraith
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