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  1. Phynixe

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    Now personally, I'm a competitive player, so I probably wouldn't get into this as I tend to play ranked most of the time, but I think a game mode like this would be pretty cool.

    Scenario of Protect the Hero 1:

    Each player has the choice of selecting the hero of their choice WITHIN the faction they intend to play (otherwise, the hero is destroyed at the beginning of the game) with XXX hp and Y stats. It plays out like a regular game, but instead of needing to destroy the avatar, you must destroy the hero. Heroes have Purified and Titan (In order to prevent % hp reductions and limiting them to a certain amount). Heroes are unequippable, cannot be targeted by spells, and cannot be removed from play unless they are destroyed. Heroes can only be healed X amount per turn, and receive healing only by 50% of the normal amount- it cannot be amplified. Transfiguring is permissible, but leaves the Avatar/Shrine at risk of being destroyed, whereas if it remained in statue form, it cannot be damaged. There are no fonts.

    Objective: Destroy opposing hero.

    Scenario of Protect the Hero 2 - The Offensive and Defensive:

    One player has the choice of the hero of his or her choice within the faction he or she intends to play (otherwise, the hero is destroyed at the beginning of the game) with XXX hp and Y stats. The player controlling the hero may only cast 1 spell per turn, and generates only X amount of nora per turn. The player controlling the hero begins the game with XXX nora. Only 5 champions may be deployed by this at the same time, only being able to deploy 1 champion per turn. The player controlling the hero has his or her avatar impervious to all damage. The attacking player is allowed 8 champions, and has no hero. Gains X more nora than the defending player, and may cast 2 spells instead of 1. This player begins with XXX nora. There are no fonts.

    Objective: Destroy opposing hero as attacker. Destroy opposing avatar as defender. If one player does not have any champions on the field, the match is automatically lost (heroes do not count as champions.)

    The rules apply for both Scenarios, but the play is different.


    P.S Bring back King of the Hill, and Capture the Flag.
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  2. jeeperz2

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    Hm I use to play a game with the guildies called hero where we would constantly end tunrs for about 40 rounds summon 1 champion and then buff up the champion using spells relics and equips then fight til the death. This seems kinda similar just with pox designed rules.
  3. Boozha

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    Balance can only revolve arond one game mode, pretty much. Also, the playerbase is currently too small for more than one game mode (2v2 is stretching it). I like the idea of more casual game modes, but not with the current player base.
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  4. bambino

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    I been dying for more game modes , keeping in mind that these alt game modes would be for fun and no balancing toward these activities is to be expected as rank will always be the "official" aspect of the game.
    as a long time player whos not really worried about being the best,, nor could I even if I tried, Im content with enjoying pox for what its is,, an awesome strategy game.
    after so many years I really wouldnt mind seeing something new,, a new way to play and more types of bg,, think how creative one would have to be for say,, king of the hill (imagine 3 player mode?) definitely would add some replay value for me, as deck building is half the fun.
    and for gods sake,,can u put the 2v2 practice mode back!!,, who doesnt want a little practice with there teamate before headn into rank, as well as a casual game for practice and nubs to learn and have fun. the first time one plays 2v2 ,, its rank,, one teamate is askin me wheres his shrine

    ..2v2 is kinda an after thought,,, I think if players threw some ideas out , revamp it with some tlc,, players might take it a bit more seriously..
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  5. jeeperz2

    jeeperz2 I need me some PIE!

    If the game mode is successful it will only serve to draw in more people. Just like the way leauge of legends does when they first put out a new game mode. Wouldn't be a bad idea honestly to take that idea from them and put out limited time game modes but that would probably be to complicated with pox.

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