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    "When the ACLU called on Kemp in October 2016 to extend the voter registration deadline in counties that had evacuation orders in place due to Hurricane Matthew, the secretary refused, instead taking to Twitter to issue paranoid proclamations.

    “The ACLU wants to create chaos in our local elections offices,” Kemp tweeted. “Stand with me [and] protect Georgia’s elections.”"

    "Perhaps the most damning manifestation of Kemp’s dismissiveness toward election integrity is his refusal to fix Georgia’s electronic voting system. Ballots are cast across the state using touchscreen computers with no paper trail or verifiable record to ensure their accuracy. Georgia is one of only five U.S. states to use such a system, and the potential problems are obvious. During early voting for the 2016 election, a machine in Bryan County had to be removed from circulation when several people reported it had automatically switched their vote from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump."

    "“The files had been publicly exposed for so long that they were cached on Google,” The New Yorker reported.

    From a security standpoint, Georgia’s system was a joke. But by February 2017, six months after Lamb alerted state officials to its vulnerabilities, the same issues were still present."

    "Georgia voters filed a lawsuit that July aiming to force the secretary to abandon the electronic voting system for good. On July 7, four days later, the vulnerable data server Logan Lamb had exposed — described by the AP as “crucial to [the] lawsuit” — was mysteriously wiped clean."


    "Since 2012, more than 200 local voting precincts have been closed across the state of Georgia, which amount to about 8 percent of the state’s total polling places."


    "In a victory for the people of Georgia, a federal appeals court ruled on Friday that the state can no longer charge individuals hundreds of dollars to see the laws that govern them."

    "For decades, Georgia ignored this reality. Rather than make the text of the law freely available, the state pay-walled access to the statutes, court opinions, and annotations that make up its official law."

    "In 2013, a nonprofit called Public.Resource.Org paid for a copy of the state’s official code and posted it online for free. The state responded to this act of public service by suing the organization for copyright infringement. Rather than give in, Public.Resource.Org argued that Georgia law is in the public domain."
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    Kemp’s office has faced relentless criticism for allegedly abusing its power to purge voters before the race, and this weekend, it announced it was investigating the Democratic Party of Georgia (DPG) for “possible cyber crimes” related to state election sites. The DPG called the supposed investigation “a reckless and unethical ploy” before the imminent election. It’s become abundantly clear that Kemp is trying to characterize the discovery of a security vulnerability in one of the electoral systems he is responsible for as a crime—and according to ProPublica, state officials are quietly patching said bug even as Kemp’s office accuses those involved of alerting his office to it of a criminal conspiracy.
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    I'm not saying it is time for you 'merrycans to start murdering eachother.
    but I'm not saying it is not time for that.
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    "Hundreds of functional voting machines sat unused, locked away in warehouses, across metropolitan Atlanta as thousands of black voters weathered hours-long lines at the polls on Election Day."

    The Brian Kemp voter suppression saga continues.

    Close down polling places. Lock up machines. New "exact match" law that eliminated over 1.5 million voters from registrations for stuff like hyphens or minor mis-spellings.

    And he claims that Abrams is the one trying to steal the election, LOL

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