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Discussion in 'Shattered Peaks' started by panic, Mar 23, 2014.

  1. panic

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    I saw the moga bg but i want to focus on G herns and i also want to know what is better the moga bg or a Ghern heavy one ?

    (@GabrielQ) :D
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  2. GabrielQ

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    Gherns don't have any real synergy between them, and few of them are meta viable with a moga-independent build (general, soothsayer, raorback and overlord) so I'd stick to the classic build.
  3. panic

    panic The King of Potatoes

    Moga zealots and moga teams ?
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  4. soulmilk

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    G'herns <3

    This is what I posted in the Mika thread.

    I have for quite a while hoped for G'herns to become a theme of their own.
    Because it's best to play only a few G'herns in a Moga BG, Most of the 15 different G'herns never gets played. (1 is an ST rune though)
    Imagine being able to play 10-14 G'herns then have only a few Mogas as support.

    Few Thoughts.

    Many of the G'herns have 1-3 stat upgrades, which can easily be changed with upgrades that would help.

    Since Sustain have become a bigger ability, G'hern Sustainer can easily get buffed with some cool ones.
    Isangoma can get Train: Magical Attack.
    Gluttonous Overseer can get Command: Dodge and Detection.
    Mogahern Destroyer gaining Surge G'hern would be awesome.
    Taskmaster gaining Bastion of Will and Bastion of Courage would make him the cheaper Prestige champion SP have been wanting.
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  5. Paper Skull

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    You can possibly do it with Moga Illusion and maybe a champion with Favor. It would only take up 4 or 5 slots and you'd get a surge count without actually running Moga, but the deck would fall apart if someone had any global damage.
  6. stfn

    stfn Member

    Won't be meta.
  7. BloodAshes

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    These days you rarely see even the Moga with Ghern decks...not in today's Meta in its current state unfortunately

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