Go Science! Stem Cells Helping Paralyzed Man

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Sokolov, Jan 25, 2019.

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    Yeah, stem cells are great and all, but it would be cooler to see scientists replace someone's defective organic body parts with mechanical ones. Either that or shoot us full of these babies: https://phys.org/news/2018-05-built-dna-nanomachines-rapid.html

    I'm very pro-singularity, but I guess stem cells are fine in the interim.
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  3. poxrooster

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    That's pretty cool. It fascinates me when I think about how mankind can redesign/reengineer for the benefit of others.
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  4. super71

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    You guys hear about the Chinese scientist who edited dna to make two babies resistant to hiv ? If it's true or not, what do you guys think of it ?
  5. Geressen

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    how did he test wether he did it?

    did he infect three babies, the two supposedly immune and a third for the control group?

    remember when they tested that ebola vaccine on chimps and thedozen in the control group all died of ebola
  6. super71

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    The father had hiv, they removed it from the embryos. That's how I understood it, they got way over my head after reading a couple paragraphs lol.
  7. Geressen

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    this says that a man that was HIV positive had 3 children with a non HIV woman and only 1 of the children has HIV.
    HIV is usually passed through from the mother because of blood contact during pregnancy and birth.

    so we do not know wether the baby was indeed infected or not seeing as there is a chance it wasn't, if the mother hs HIV there is still a chance the baby will get it. and the application for this procedure seem limmited as a result.
  8. Sokolov

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    I actually think biogenics will be an important part of a technological singularity.

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