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    Forglar Swamp

    - @Beruge 3
    - @Alakhami
    - @Bolkonsky 3+
    - @attio26 7++++
    - @TheBulwark3 ++
    - @kthx 5 ++

    attio beruge 2-0
    kthx bulkwark 1-1
    attio - bolkonsky 1 - 1
    kthx - beruge 1 - 0

    Ironfist Stronghold

    - @Markoth 7++
    - @Nora That 10+++
    - @Radan 5
    - MaruXV R
    - @Elf4ntgun$ 8+

    markoth - maru 2 - 0
    norathat markoth 1-0
    norathat - maru 1 - 0
    norathat radan 1- 0
    nora elef 1 - 1
    markoth elf4 1 - 0

    Savage Tundra

    - @Drache77 7++
    - @Godfrog
    - @sodastar 2+
    - @nepyonisdead 3+
    - @MogaBait (not sure he can play, lets see)

    drache sodastar 2-0
    drache - nep 1 - 1

    Kthir Forest

    - @Tweek516
    - @Elves Rule
    - @Etherielin
    - @TinyDragon +

    Forsaken Wastes

    - @themacca 3
    - @yobanchi 6
    - MaruXV 6++
    - @OriginalG1 3 +++++

    maru yobanchi 1 - 1
    themacca - maru 1 - 1
    original - yobanchi 1-1

    Sundered Lands

    - @SPiEkY
    - @drayen 2
    - @Destorum
    - @EliteMeat 2
    - @sWeNibor +
    - @Karamasov 8

    karamasov elitemeat 2-0
    karam drayen 2_0

    Shattered Peaks

    - @Gnomes 3
    - @limone1981
    - @TakeItOver (IGN redsunset)
    - @GlassKiwi 3
    - @davre 3+
    - @newsbuff 11+++
    - @xaznsoulx 4

    glasskiwi - newsbuff 1 -1
    xazn newsbuff 2 - 0
    news gnomes 1 - 1

    news - davre 1-1


    - @badgerale 14
    - @RasielCZ 11++
    - @Agirgis1 R
    - @Fentum 8++
    - @rathma 2
    - @Richme 2
    - @britches 2
    - @Brightwood 13

    - @Haothehare 4
    - @Slencer 2

    badgerale brightwood 2-0
    rasiel - agirgis 2 - 0
    rasiel brightwood 1_1
    badgerale - haothehare 2-0
    rasiel - fentum 2 - 0
    brightwood fentum 2 0
    badgerale fentum 2 - 0


    norathat (v)- agirgis
    rasiel(v) - attio
    attio(V) - drache
    kthx (v) - howthehare
    drache (v) - maruXV
    newsbuff (v) - norathat
    thebulkwark v - newsbuff
    maru v - beruge
    sodastar v - kiwi
    fentum v - sodastar.
    bulkwark v - sodastar
    maru v - elvesrule
    norathat v - sodastar
    attio v - elf4antgun
    raziel v - norathat
    drache v - beruge
    markoth v - newsbuff
    newsbuff v - brightwood
    swenibor v - newsbuff
    elf4ntgun v sodastar
    original v - fentum
    original v - attio
    original v - sodastar
    newsbuff v - nepyon
    fentum v - newsbuff
    bolkonsky v - newsbuff
    nepyon v - attio
    kthx v maru
    original v - tinydragon
    original v - bolkonsky
    tiny v - xazn
    davre v - nep

    Hello friendly Poxers (and less friendly ones too). Here's MaruXV with a big news for you today, announcing


    for our "beloved" new client.

    Lets go into details:

    Tournament name:

    EMPEROR OF POXNORA ( may change, you can propose a cooler one)

    Tournament type:

    Friendly tournament (it means its a player-run tournament, not a dev-run one. Still, its supported and sponsored so there's a lot of prizes for everybody). It means competitiveness is accepted, some healthy mocking and boasting too, but insults, unjistified arrogance and similar are not. I reserve personally the power to throw out of the tournament anyone that will not follow this rule.

    Tournament Structure:

    the tournament will be held in 2 stages:


    There will be 8 leagues, one for each faction ( so KF league, ST league, UD league, SP league etc...)
    Each player must register to a faction. THE FACTION YOU REGISTER TO IS HIDDEN UNTIL THE START OF THE TOURNAMENT, so send a PM to me on forum or discord when you want to register with your faction.

    When the tournament start, there will be no fixed matches but:

    - Each player can play max. 2 times against each other player of his league. A win is worth 2pt. A loss is worth 1pt.
    - At the end of the league, the top 2 players of each league will go to stage 2.

    THE TOP PLAYER OF EACH LEAGUE WILL RECEIVE THE TITLE OF " LORD OF (insert faction of the leage he won)" and the right to brag for a while on the forum.

    During the league stage players can "challenge" a player from another league. You can challenge each other player in the tournament once (no farming).
    This counts as a match for shard rewards (see later in prizes) , and also a win in a challenge grants a (+) bonus point. This (+) bonus points are not worth numerical points in the league, but in case of two players at same league pts total at the end of the league, the one with most (+) points will be considered higher in rank.
    I will also be used to determine the winner of the MASTER OF CHALLENGES prize.

    STAGE 2 (final stage)

    A playoff-like tournament will then be held. the 8 protectorate players will be on one side of the tournament tree, the wrath players on the other ( so there will be only protectorate vs protectorate and wrath vs wrath matches). Best of 3.

    The winning player of the protectorate side will receive the title of KING OF PROTECTORATE
    The winning player of the wrath side will receive the title of WARCHIEF OF WRATH

    this two players will then play a best of 5 match, to determine the title of


    Map selection:

    matches will be held in custom, so a big selection of maps. We encourage deciding together on which map to play, but here's some suggestions about how to do:

    - decide together on which map to play (balanced ones)
    - random map, then if its a map on the ranked cycle you must keep it, if its another map if both players agree they can reroll it.
    - 1st match a player chooses the map, second match the other player does.
    - if you dont come to an agreement with the opponent, just simple random map and what comes you keep.


    - FULL FACTION: in all tournament you can play ONLY bgs which include runes from the faction you registered to. So if you register for ST, you must always play full faction Savage Tundra BGs.


    stage 1 : when you play second match against same player , you CANnot include runes you played in first bg.
    Example: If i want to play gale force in my first bg, i can include 2x of it, but then for second match I cannot include it in my bg. ALSO THE FACTION BANNER IS RESTRICTED TO THIS RULE.

    stage 2 - best of 3

    the bg limit of the runes is to be counted on all the serie of matches instead of single match. for example, you can play banner only once in 3 matches. you can play gale force 1x in 2 matches or 2x in one match.

    stage 2 - best of 5 (final)
    (under construction)

    note: obviously the lim version of a rune is considered the same rune as the forgeable one, so no 2x corgi ranger and 2x tog and kaya.

    Tournament Entry fee:


    Registration starts:

    from now, until 31st of december.

    Tournament starts:

    early january 2018


    Participants Prize: (League Match): 100 Shards for winner, 50 Shards for loser

    Participants Prize (Challenges): 50 Shards for winner, 25 Shards for loser

    Video Content Creators Prize: 100 Shards for each match published.

    Lord of (faction) : 1x Exotic/Legendary of Choice and 1000 Shards

    King of Protectorate/Warchief of Wrath: 2x Exotic/Legendary of Choice and 2000 Shards

    Great Emperor of Poxnora: 4x Exotic/Legendary/Limited (chosen from a list given by DOG) of Choice and 5000 Shards + Custom Forum Title (to be approved by DOG)

    Master of Challenges (the player with most (+) bonus points in all tournament):
    4x Exotic/Legendary/Limited of Choice and 5000 Shards + Custom Forum Title (to be approved by DOG)

    Best new player ( player with less than 1200 rank and registered for less than 1 year with most points): A surprise limited rune.

    Maru's personal choice - Most creative BG : A Hypnofrog lim rune.
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    "Video Content Creators Prize: 100 Shards for each match published. "

    easy money
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  3. IPhoenixl

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    :O Yes !!!! count me in , not sure which faction thou, i almost suck in all of them XD
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  4. MaruXV

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    pm me the faction when you decide;)
  5. MaruXV

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    at least you get some support for your work ;) can i already sign you where i think you will be or you want to surprise me?^^
  6. Gnomes

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  7. Alakhami

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  8. MaruXV

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    pm when you ready with what faction
  9. Etherielin

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  10. RasielCZ

    RasielCZ I need me some PIE!

    I'm a bit confused about the deck format. You state that it is highlander, but than proceed to use 2x gale as an example.
    I like the idea of 2 (or even 3 for later) distinctive highlander decks, i just want to be sure that is waht you intended.
    Also I'm in, with UD. Its not like I could surprise anybody by not stating it up front.
  11. Etherielin

    Etherielin The Floof Cultist

    It's a single choice - it means that if you include 2 gales in a BG for match 1, you're no longer allowed to include them in the next BG for match 2.
  12. RasielCZ

    RasielCZ I need me some PIE!

    Well if I can include a single rune only once I shoud not be able to put 2 copies in my BG.
    It's not like I can play 2 sac in every bg just because I own 6 copies,
  13. Etherielin

    Etherielin The Floof Cultist

    You still cannot - if you've used the rune in match 1, you cannot use it in match 2, regardless of how many copies of it you've got or added to the BG.
  14. RasielCZ

    RasielCZ I need me some PIE!

    Ok, got it.
    Do we submit decklists before the tournament, or can we change the decks during tournament?
  15. sWeNibor

    sWeNibor The King of Potatoes

    But one are allowed to run 1x Gale in first game and 1x in second?
  16. Etherielin

    Etherielin The Floof Cultist

  17. sWeNibor

    sWeNibor The King of Potatoes

    Or is all runes used for BG 1
    Not allowed to be in BG 2

    (exception is Warbanner)

    If so i like it. Really pushes away some of the standard stuff in one game.
  18. RasielCZ

    RasielCZ I need me some PIE!

    If I undestand correctly no matter how many copies you use in BG 1 you are not allowed to use any in BG 2.
    This rule includes the banner.
  19. MaruXV

    MaruXV Corgi Vanguard

    i never said its highlander ;) you can run all 2x in BG1, but then you can't run any of those runes in BG2
  20. MaruXV

    MaruXV Corgi Vanguard

    no, if you play a rune in BG1, you cannot play it in BG2

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