Guilty Until We Decide You are Innocent

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    "“They basically sneakily prolonged her detention while they were processing her release in order for ICE to show up at the jail the second the doors opened and she was released,” said ACLU attorney Adrienna Wong.

    Once ICE agents arrived, they handcuffed her, put a chain around her waist and transferred her to an ICE detention facility. Requests to call her family were denied and she was mocked when she said she was citizen, her attorney said.

    “One of the ICE agents laughed at her and said, ‘You’re nobody until we say you’re somebody,” Wong said."
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    focus on the important part sok
    at least nobody was killed.
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    - This happened in an episode of "orange is the new black" well something like it, they told some of the suspected riot organizers that they were being released that were latino and they were released but right into ICE hands. This occurs a lot with government agencies giving what they would call a "professional courtesy" tipping off catch and release schedules and known whereabouts to interested parties. But to totally botch it and wrongfully detain a u.s. citizen is every "brown" persons nightmare.


    - This movie hits home lol. Has to literally sneak back into the US like an immigrant in a series of hilarious antics...well "80's approximation of hilarious"

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