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    As for "anti-American".... that whole line of attack is not uncommon, and in some ways it's not unreasonable either.

    If you truly believe that your ideas and principles are best, then clearly everyone who believes in other ideas must be either:
    1. wrong
    2. not want what is best
    If you cannot or are unwilling to demonstrate why they are wrong, then you are simply left with attacking them for not wanting what you want (which you already established is best).
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    Personally, I feel that human society didn't get this far by being stubborn and always doing the same thing. We adapt and we innovate - that's how we have survived.

    And so I am generally open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. And in general am skeptical of positions/principles which state that X or Y is always wrong and should never be done, or positions that advocate on doing the same because "traditional" or "that's how we have always done it." The truth is as society changes (culturally, demographically, economically, etc.) we are going to need new solutions to old problems. One good example is how current laws do not handle internet issues very well - even when those issues are the same ones as before (such as piracy, which is basically just theft), because they weren't written at a time when the internet was around.

    This doesn't mean the new ideas will be better either - and sometimes we need to go back to tradition to find the answers too. But the point is that things change, and we need to change too.
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    In the case of immigration (not illegal only), there's a strong argument to be made for more restrictions - particularly for societies that feel their way of life is changing too fast due to the influx of new arrivals who have a different set of cultural norms. This is a valid discussion point - societies need some stability, and mass influx of people with differing POV/values can greatly disrupt things in a negative fashion.

    What is not valid is pretending that the US has open borders and is not enforcing its laws (as well as pretending that immigrants, particularly illegals, are more likely to commit crimes when it's empirically the other way around).

    The US has done a great job of securing its borders since the height of illegal immigration in the 50s, and the reality is that in recent times the problem of illegal immigration has shifted away from unvetted illegal border hoppers to vetted VISA overstays. And that's a radically different problem and cannot necessarily be tackled by the same things you would do at the border.
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    I've not been keeping up, is the premise of this thread still
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    I can agree with this. Well put.
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    Not what I said, and you reworded it, this is why I don’t bother anymore.

    Your simply a tool, and not the sharp end either.

    The fact that you can be stirred into an uproar over one post by me says you are emotionally unstable, and unfit to have a rational discussion.
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    it is what you mean though.
    or at the very lest the consequence of your knee-jerk reaction to things you are afraid of
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    Just watched that. Crazy that people actually think that way. I will say, this doesnt look bad on the NRA at all. It looks bad on the One Nation guys though.

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