Hearthstone players, unite!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Pedeguerra, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. RasielCZ

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  2. Gnomes

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    Shaman after shaman after shaman.... Boring af to play atm. But worlds is on now which is kinda getting me interested again. Hamster even playing priest / pally
  3. RasielCZ

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    You need to play at lower rank, there is qute good variety around 13
  4. BurnPyro

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    New expansion, who is hyped?
  5. Pedeguerra

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    I trully am, its been too long since the last one and things were pretty firking boring. I only played these days for daily quests.
    A lot of diversity on the cards, though, so Im keeping my hopes up it will be a blast.
  6. Tweek516

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    Yup. Not a fan of the whole stat stacking direction everything is going in though.
  7. Saandro

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    I'm hyped. 3300 gold ready to spend. Although by the cards I can tell Blizz has no idea wtf they are doing. I just hope the meta will end up more fun than what we play now.
  8. Ohmin

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    So far I'm having fun. Impressively enough, through 100 packs I got no duplicate Legs or Epics. So that's quite cool.

    Currently mostly messing around with Wild format as I usually do. Reno, Kazakus, and Inkmaster are much more fun with access to Duplicate and Echoes of Medivh. I don't think I'd care that much for it in a Standard format.

    Warlock Rant:
    I have seen numerous people's review of Krul the Unchained, and most go along with it being bad. I can understand why of course. Which Demons would one want to normally run, when you can only run one of them? And/or why not run N'Zoth and Deathrattle minions instead? For me, there are two important factors for why I think it's not really bad:

    1. Even if you're not playing Wild and thus don't have Mal'Ganis, Floating Watcher, and Voidcaller, you've got both Kazakus potions (potentially) and the new Trafficker to put some Demons into your hand. Realisticly speaking, even if you're just putting a Dread Infernal or Abyssal Enforcer into play (and don't need their Battlecries) you're going to get value out of playing him. If people are going to get so excited over the "Zero Mana 7/7" that is Kun, I don't really get why they can't get excited over a "Zero Mana 7/9" that you can play earlier and even avoid some potential negative effects. Albeit granted you can't then spend the rest of your turn spell-spamming as Kun allows.

    2. I look at Reno Lock a bit differently. I see it as a means to actually employ some stronger early and mid-game plays while maintaining a strong late-game. It's much "safer" to play cards like Pit Lord, Felfire Potion, or even the new Unlicensed guy (haven't gotten around to trying him, just opened him recently), when you have a card to heal you to full (if you can draw it on time of course), and the response options otherwise typical to the deck.

    Krul also gives me (along with Voidcaller in Wild formats) an alternative method of playing some of them (though less so the Unliscensed guy, he's strictly a solo play), for when I need to hang on to my health.

    And again, in wild, he's great paired with Mal'Ganis.

    All that to say that Krul is definitely not as bad as most of the first impressions I've seen people have towards him. He's still optional though, and not by any means a must have.

    /Warlock Rant.

    I have to say I just don't really "get" Grimey Goons style decks, for any of the classes so far. I've tried playing them, but I just can't quite get them to feel "right" to me, it always seems like there's something off, and I'm not sure if I'm just not into the playstyle, if I just need to fine-tune the decks more, or if there's some fundamental problems that I sense but can't quite see clearly with the mechanics.
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  9. Ragic

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    y'all should be playing Star Crusade. There is room in your lives for 2 free games im sure.
  10. Anima26

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    Newest expansion is quite fun. Highlander decks get hyped. Enjoying it.

    Rogue can have some fun with it, with Shadowcaster, Shadowstep and Vanish aswell as any pandas you might run.
  11. Jib

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    I've been playing a LOT of RenoMage before the expansion was even announced so obviously I'm super happy with how it turned out just for that. Packs went my way and I opened everything for Mage. Manic Soulcaster if even better than I ever expected. Crafted Kazakus immediately after. Deck seems to be but a slow grindy deck is not exactly what you should be playing right now, seems that 75% of what I play against is Face Warrior or Jade Druid. Seriously I haven't won a single game against Jade Druid since it popped up.

    Goons are a lot less oppressive that I initially thought. It's swingy as hell, you either roll over your opponent or draw poorly and lose. Had the most success with a 28 minions Paladin monstrosity with the only 2 spells being Smugglers Run. The timmiest of dumb decks.

    Haven't messed with Jade at all, except losing to it a bunch. I'll wait a bit to see how everything turns out before crafting Aya.

    Overall it's been fun, don't think I've seen a Midrange Shaman since Thursday.
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  12. BurnPyro

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    Really happy with things atm

    except pirate warrior, totally fun and interactive
  13. Pedeguerra

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    Yeah, been having fun as well.
    I didnt preorder this time around, so I'm just doing the good ole arena grind.
    Expansion turned out a lot cooler than I expected.
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    Exactly, never played highlander decks before this expansion and now when the three decks have quite a reason to be a highlander oriented then damn it is bloody fun!
    May have dusted next to all wild cards to get hands on jade druid (which is a lot more boring for me than I had hoped - thought it will be the only interesting deck for me) and warlock-mage highlander.
    Warlock has been quite a failure, but still quite fun, mage is just amazing though!

    Now I wish I just could complete priest Kabal oriented deck too.
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  15. Ohmin

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    Jade Druid isn't even really that good. I think a lot of people saw the Official preview video where Frodan(?) got really lucky with how he could use his Brann and Fandral multiple times and it rolled over a slow and unoptimized Highlander deck and figured it'd be OP.

    I don't think it's absolutely terrible mind, I just think people got way too excited about it, and expected it to be Tier 1 when it's probably at best Tier 2 (IMO).

    To me, it feels like Jade Shaman is better than Jade Druid. But I'm not sure if Jade Shaman is better than non-Jade Shaman.

    For Jade Golem decks, you want lots of Jade Golem cards... but only a couple of them are actually any good to begin with. Jade Spirits are bad, Jade Behemoths and Jade Chieftans are likewise bad (and rogue doesn't even have a third Jade Golem card on that level to even complain about).

    Maybe if more Jade Golem cards get printed in the future the decks will be better, but I'd honestly be surprised if more were (maybe one for Rogue to even it out? Doubt it still). Not just because it's specific to themes (I don't see us getting any more direct C'Thun buffing cards for example, though I'm curious if any Goons decks will run C'Thun in the future), but also because due to their nature it can drastically improve a deck if it's actually good... and sometimes even if it's only slightly bad (like Jade Swarmer for example).

    Well, just my thoughts on it after playing around with some Jade decks, and watching Day 1 of the ATLC2 Qualifiers finals (hurray for someone successfully running Krul!). Though it's worth noting that that tournament broadcast especially did not show off the potential for Jade decks.

    And it could just be that decks (including mine own) are still too unoptimized to make a proper judgement.
  16. Jib

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    Dirty Rat is the greatest thing that could happen to this game.

    We might get actual hand disruption eventually.
  17. Poxpoints

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  18. Ohmin

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    I haven't been able to play as much as I'd like to recently.

    Based on what I've seen... the expansion looks pretty cool. When able to play, I mostly just play Wild, so some things interest me a lot more than others. I really like the idea of Quests, but I figure a lot of them just aren't very good, even in Wild. The specific restrictions for the effect can easily not be worth it, but some allow for a lot of interesting new options and play-styles for various classes... and they are fun, even if they aren't always effective.

    I must say I do also like this set's theme more than a lot of the others, so that may color my impression of it.
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  19. Pedeguerra

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    Still playing it and rocking it.
    ATM, playing a full Murloc shaman deck I put together with no netdecking involved, went 10/12 for my Medivh quest.
    I do like the idea of quests, makes the game more "predictable", in a sense that you know what kind of deck you are playing against right from the get go.
  20. super71

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    People will play anything with the blizzard name tag on it

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