Help with a wonky Equip/Relic BG

Discussion in 'Ironfist Stronghold' started by Thbigchief, Mar 20, 2017 at 11:36 AM.

  1. Thbigchief

    Thbigchief I need me some PIE!

    - Hey I think I'm forcing it and need to trim the fat but wanted to reach out to the "min/maxer elite synergy masterminds" for this deck idea.

    Right now it's based off champs like
    2x Master axeman (provision/axemans fate trolling)
    2x Barb Diviner (enchant magic)
    2x NCPriestess (relic shenanigans)
    2x J.Architect ( ^ )
    2x Metallic slag (Forge hammer? cheaper equips)

    Questionable champs
    Lodestone armory/builder (seem overkill and never deployed)
    V. Needlewing/Magnetic Rover (Burr/magnetic pulse...IS neg equips are meh)


    2x Holy light (just feels awful..not enough throwaway relics in this deck for effect)
    Burning steel (feels terrible...again IS isn't great at negative equips...splits?)
    Celestial spear (great relic but shines in paladin not really in this deck)
    Armory (obvious auto include)
    Medal of honor/axemans fate/forge hammer

    - Any suggestions welcome, thinking of just tossing the relic synergy and just go Equip but then I think a split makes the most sense since Armory is IS..but other factions have way better negative equips and equips in general.
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  2. Markoth

    Markoth King of Jesters

    Ironfist Collector
  3. Thbigchief

    Thbigchief I need me some PIE!

    - Yeah has all the tools...but still stuck on the combos... The burning steel relic needs something like KF spell living vines to feel useful. And abilities like "ruin" in IS feel like they need an SL spell like mine field. Ironfist seems to lack splashable equip and relics despite having these tools to exploit them.
  4. Thbigchief

    Thbigchief I need me some PIE!

    - Its too bad that burning steel doesn't give allied equipped champions fire aura 3 or damage shield fire for X turns if within 5 spaces so you could control it better for beneficial effect. Typically equipping an enemy then damaging it for 10 damage feels bad and inefficient, but with adding a beneficial effect to friendly equipped champs might make it a bit more playable
  5. Hierokliff

    Hierokliff Active Member

    Burning steel was horrible, sure its a good 1 time nuke so guess horrible aint to correct word. its an AoE5 with 10pts of damage for 30 nora, then eat it with any unit with Ruin and the enemy will not deploy more equipped champs or add holy light for more damage.
    Needlewing is just meh, or i just need to find a way to stealth it i guess. so atm when testing iam using a few dwarf with carouse to pester enemy life with instead.

    Think you are missing 2 superb IS relics though Hahndor Memorial and Heartstone, especially with all relicate abilities its possible to keep awestruck or destealth/no-spell presence where you need it.

    spell barricade if you dont want to use so many barricade creating units, that around priestess to shield her a bit and make her have ammo for ruin while holding a forge hammer looks good before ive tested it or her favority holy blade of valdac.

    Did just a first test in skirmish, was very fun, needs alot of tweaking for me both BG and playstyle before i dare run it in PvP
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  6. Slencer

    Slencer The King of Potatoes

    you should definitely consider adding a valdaci or two
  7. Thbigchief

    Thbigchief I need me some PIE!

    - Yeah hearthstone might be worth it since Im keeping one IS collector but likely dumping most other relic synergy. I'm also trying to get a valdaci guardian, and likely drop the V.burr chicken. Deck is also slowly gravitating toward an axeman/granite brace/diviner super champ module sadly... everything else is too gimmicky and unreliable.
  8. Hierokliff

    Hierokliff Active Member

    Valdaci bolter works good with forge hammer, multiattack, range and can drop his own relics. valdaci guardian is still under test, think he will be kicked off though, even if slam is very nice with the walls. I rather use weaponsmiths then axeman.
    cant get it to work, its a mess with constructs,leoss,barbarian,dwarf
    using 2 collectors to move the real relics forward, and if they got a free relocate its a valdaci crossbow somewhere to be moved, they are sadly to ineffective, its alot of fun to move all around, but not effective.
  9. Thbigchief

    Thbigchief I need me some PIE!

    - Yeah even when I could get the perfect execution of "relocate relic" on earthshaker or hearthstone....the awkward steps and ranged of relocate make it too much busy work for not enough effect. It's quickly turning to euan/axeman with block 1 working off of granite bracers and providence for super champ shennanigans....and less and less relic nonsense.

    p.s. If I go relic again it will prolly just be a sl/is split or is/sp.
  10. Hierokliff

    Hierokliff Active Member

    What i did like with the deck is "Ruin" but it just lasts to short time, it should be the double amount of turns and it would be useful, kinda like rock defiance is great but too much hassle.
    Having serious problems vs SL skirmish decks, its sad but when AI deploy permanent+2DMG champs and so much AoE damage champs it really makes relic decks look bad.
    Was so bored of it so i did put down Bastion+equipment+barbarian diviner and cleared up the mess :)

    think i need to test Groble rock eater+barbarian diviner+burning crusade+dwarven tinker for silly Aura damage.
  11. Thbigchief

    Thbigchief I need me some PIE!

    - Yeah with ruin, I keep trolling myself and expecting buff after destroying enemy relics....and I think it's anti-synergy to have ruin and relic guardian on so many similar champs. It works against you, trading one buff for losing another most times. It's just too many hoops to jump through when as you put can just drop euan or bastion + equip and blast the enemy with real force instead of dink and dunking them with these parlor tricks

    p.s. Burning steel is perma dropped from any deck I use .... just awful. Even in carouse deck it feels futile when you can deploy M. rover which is bad now for 10x more benefit and it can move instead of being stationary for equipment synergy on friendlies and enemies.
  12. Hierokliff

    Hierokliff Active Member

    Magnetic rover should have an option to get rid of that silly aura, a support unit with damaging aura is just annoying for an old person like me. Allthough its +2dmg buff to equipped champs stack, so its easy to get a valdaci bolter to 20+ dmg with a forge hammer. Had a few units with charged barricade, so had always alot of relics to eat, its just that use 3AP now to get 1AP for the next 3 rounds is a bit meh but guess +3dmg is nice still.
    Tested a very deadly pantier headhunter, forge hammer, magnetic rover buffs and then assassin 3
  13. Hierokliff

    Hierokliff Active Member

    So why dont i just add another tinker to give all constructs tough3 and that problem is solved. changed the Magnetic Rover to use Planar hold since i cant get mobile why should i allow the enemies to be it, after a test i switched and used the spell Increase Gravity, but each time i add a cheap spell i wish i had adaptive units and then the bg is ruined and altered into spellspam bg instead.
    had a few fun fights yesterday, poor players getting stuck on hammering on grobbles with almost 100hp, tough 3, scale armor and 10+ defense, while valdaci bolter with forge hammer kept doing 30+ damage per turn, so slow playstsyle, forget fonts just shield up near one font or even at the shrine. but valdaci bolter + forge hammer + tinkerbuffs are still weaker then pureblood plainswalker even after invested 2x the nora.
    not to mention no aoe cleanse with this bg, so many autoloss fights without cleanse
    still belive its good to test these a bit more, its so near to be doable in pvp, just need to keep the frustration away ;-)

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