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Discussion in 'Shattered Peaks' started by Gnomes, Mar 4, 2014.

  1. Gnomes

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    So this is my Hyaenid BG, and so far in rare, i have been very successful thats is in rank 30 rare though...

    a few runes im thinking of putting in but cant decide what to throw out are...

    Champs: Peaks Dew, Hyaenid Stalker, Hyaenid Executioner.
    Spells: Devour, Electrostatificationized, false orders, State of confusion, Thunderhead Totem, Slavers whip

    Pro's: Cackle is crazy, very underestimated IMO getting to awestruck a champ no matter what is crazy, that way, their melee champs are like pool noodles if they get to my ranged, and if they get to any of my other melee champs they laugh...

    Instigator + Declare target + Harpoon has been strong as well.

    Spirit channeling + Hyaenid Breaker for the extra magic dmg cuz i only have it on one hyaenid.

    Also PAckleader is a amazing font holder with doge and command doge, (i play one as utility and the other with DMG)

    Playing both my Witchdoctores then the Exile makes it so he is around 76 nora... Crazy for his stats... but it takes a bit to set up, but then crazy combo nomatter what, because they either put themselfs in a really bad position to kill the actually only 76 nora champ or they **** with deep wounds.

    have detection with headshrinker

    if they have ultra champ i have *2 mundungu, very nice. saved me a few times vs IS

    i have shatter with Mace and pilifer from spearman

    hyaenid bulwark gets 8 spd with serf so +2 def if he hits 2 times that makes like 4 armour (with bulwark and and tough its like 8-9), and utility from feshwrangler with motivate and scramble.(my tanks) +

    Ifrit has immune Physical.

    Marid has distract and teleport plus hit and run and grand entrance or thrust for utility dmg and capfont ability.


    only 1 cleanse from emerald but i could put relieve on witchdoctor.

    only 1 good source of Magic dmg

    Things i have: 5 damage types (Sonic, Electricity, Fire) + the normal Magic, Physical

    So where do i put in Stalker, Dew, Executioner? all my champs have a good nich.
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  2. Vorian

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    My advice don't run peaks dew its a horrible rune! Its abot 8 nora too expensive! Remove the witch doctors and exile. Remove the hyaenid breaker for another hyaenid spearman. Remove the feshwrangler for the stalker. Remove the Marids for the Executioners. Add whispers of the mind and vertical push.
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  3. GabrielQ

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    Your bg is very nice, but there are some changes you could do for the better, for example, running fewer champions, 17-18 it's a good number. As I see it, you are running a even number of serf and not serf hyaenids, so you don't really need the djinns, I would cut the two ifrits, because they are so easy to counter with magic vulnerability and to include other champions, you'd have to remove others in the same role. As I see it, with your current lineup, you don't have a use for dew, because he's nice when you cannot avoid triggering serf, but you have a frontline made of hyaenids so you can hop in and out to trigger serf and then back to store AP. It seems that marids are the best for these, the only problem would be breaker, because he's long range serf, but with the good range selection you have, you don't need him.
    Stalker is a rune that doesn't have a defined role as he's not a good harasser or a assasin, so pass on him.
    Executioner will be more useful, I would run him instead of feshwrangler.
    So, the champion selection would look like this:
    Front: pack leader, spiritspeaker(would be nice if you had a second one), bulwarks
    Range: headshrinkers, witchdoctors, marids, mundunugu and spearman
    Killers: exile, executioner, instigator
    And that would cover everything
    Now, for your support selection, I would go with Alacrity for AP generation, havoc's touch to get kills with the exile/instigator/executioner, and nublinz surprise pies if you want healing.!/deck/CfAckxCaFcuFCaGCaHc5TcfPCwKCfIcwYs5Qs1ks6_s3ts7ys7Is59s82r2Yr=rOe1Qe1j
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  4. Gnomes

    Gnomes Forum Royalty

    Wow, amazing detail, and information, thank you so much, ill try what you said out!
  5. Gnomes

    Gnomes Forum Royalty

    Thanks for the advice, can you give some thought behind your advice though?
  6. RedScarlet

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    Breakers are good on paper. But I'd rather save up those diff in mana.
    in FF, its just weird to not play 2 Spearman. They're that good.
    Feshwrangler vs Stalker is really personal. I personally like stealth plays, thus playing Stalker. My friend likes powerturns better, so he uses Feshwrangler. Regardless of how many Djinns u play... if u can't use Stalker properly, then just use Feshwrangler. Vice Versa.

    I'd personally go for stalker, at least u got 1 Stealth champ.
    I don't really like VP despite its important. I'd go for: 17 champs, 5 spells, 4 relics, 4 equips

    Pilf Armory
    Peak Tactics
    Serf to the Djinn 2x

    Echo Chamber (*IMPORTANT*)
    Headshrinker Totem (depends on your taste. I never leave home without it)
    Cleansing Emerald
    Thunderhead Totem (anti Perse)

    Vicious Harp
    Slaver's Whip
    Diamond Mace
    Lightning Rod (for TTotem if ur lucky, or against Serkan, and Rumbler)
  7. Vorian

    Vorian I need me some PIE!

    Go with scarlets and GabrielQs advice, the only important advice from me is do not use Peaks Dew, unless it gets buffed. Switch out the Breakers for Marids it seems scarlet is suggesting. You have 9 ranged champs which is too much! I would suggest dropping 2. The breaker and which other 2 you feel you do not need. You could remove the ifrits, but they must be useful with search hyaenid and immunity physical.
  8. Nebron

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    2 years later and spearman is still being played:

  9. Xinde

    Xinde Devotee of the Blood Owl

    Spearman cheap and efficient though.
  10. borice45

    borice45 The King of Potatoes

    Don't look to bad . I run 2 channels just cause I can get the extra range and another magic bomb

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