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  1. Senshu

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    Some of you have been asking what qualifies for getting credit on Heroic Achievements? We wanted to give you some of the parameters for how to figure what applies. In most cases the achievements states either a specific ability or a group of abilities that have a specific term in their name. For example:

    Break the Spell
    Play a deck with 2 or more champions with a Summoned ability
    • For this achievement you need to have 2 or more champions in a deck that have Summoned abilities. These are abilities that have Summoned in their name for example Hunter: Summoned, Sever Summoned, and Shatter Summoned. This does not apply to abilities that actually summon a champion.
    First Strike
    Play a Deck with 2 or more champions with a Jab or Greeting ability
    • For this this it is much the same thing as before all the Jab or Greeting abilities apply for this achievement. So, if you have 2 or more champions with any of the following abilities it will count towards the achievement: Electric Jab, Fire Jab, Psychic Jab, Acidic Greeting, Frost Greeting, Snogvie's Greeting, and Static Greeting.
    Abilities of the same group do not stack on the same champion for applying to an achievement, so if you have Psychic Jab and Acidic Greeting on a single champion that only counts as one of the 2 need to meet the requirement. But, a champion can count towards multiple achievements, so if you have 2 champions that both have Fire Jab and Hunter: Summoned you will get credit for both Break the Spell and First Strike Heroic Achievements. As a note, sites like poxbase.com will help you find all the abilities in a specific group.
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  2. Bronouns

    Bronouns New Member

    Are Heroic Achievements PVP only? Ranked only? I tried out a couple ideas in daily missions and got no progress towards the heroic quests.
  3. darklord48

    darklord48 Forum Royalty

    The only one that is PvP only is the one that requires you to win X PvP games.
  4. Senshu

    Senshu Administrator Octopi

    @darklord48 is correct, only achievements that specify a specific mode are relegated to that mode. Otherwise, the achievements will apply to all modes.
  5. Burcho

    Burcho I need me some PIE!

    does that also apply to the older achievements or the new heroic ones?
  6. Senshu

    Senshu Administrator Octopi

    If you are talking about the what mode they apply to then yes that does apply to the old ones. As long as they don't specify a specific game mode they should apply to all.
  7. Burcho

    Burcho I need me some PIE!

    Tried with a pitspawn to get the "Defender of the DepthsKill 5 champions in a single game using a Greater Pitspawn.Not Completed" in a skirmish. Killed at least 10 and a shrine: no achievement.
  8. Senshu

    Senshu Administrator Octopi

    Did you try it in another game mode and did you get credit? In skirmish how long was your match because a match needs to last a minimum of 5 minutes? Were all 5 enemy champions actually killed by the Greater Pitspawn and not a damage over time effect?
  9. Burcho

    Burcho I need me some PIE!

    I killed at least 5 and Greater Pitspawn hits rather hard so he killed them by single or double tap. It took more than 5 minutes.

    I tried in a campaign a long time ago (before skirmish existed) and got no reward. I'm not masochistic enough to try to reach the achievement in ranked.
  10. Senshu

    Senshu Administrator Octopi

    Thanks for the info, we will have to look into it further.
  11. Xzablaz

    Xzablaz I need me some PIE!

    how about 'empowered'? i dont find any runes with empowered ability, theres only 'empower' and thats only 1 rune; Minotaur Battlemage
  12. Burcho

    Burcho I need me some PIE!

    check the runes from the latest expansion Path of Delim, there are runes with Empowered X fe Demonic Sandclaw has empowered Speed.
  13. Nigromanta

    Nigromanta The King of Potatoes

    Im playing skirmish games and campaing games, to get the Heroic Achivementes done but...
    Im playing fairies, and to get the "Deploy 4 or more champions with a Flight ability" and the number is not increasing... (Im playing skirmish games, and campaign games)
    What are the ALL the NEEDS of the match? Do I have to win the game? Just deploy 4? Minimum of minutes per game? Do we have to play them in Pvp?
    I know some question has been answered above, but long ago. And for some reason, some games are working for the achivements...
  14. darklord48

    darklord48 Forum Royalty

    I'm fairly sure that it is 10 minutes and winning.
  15. ChooJeremy

    ChooJeremy Devotee of the Blood Owl

    Fairies gain their flight ability from Fairy Flight, and I'm not sure if Fairy Flight actually counts for a Flight requirement, so if you're not getting ticks for that heroic achievement it might be due to that.

    You don't have to win if it doesn't say so in the heroic achievement. i.e.

    "Play a battlegroup with 4 units with flight" - just need to have 4 of them in your battlegroup. You don't have to deploy them or win. You could start a match, wait 10 minutes (I think it might be just 5, actually), then surrender and it'll count.
    "Deploy 4 units with Flight" - 4 must be deployed. They can be the same. You could have, for example, 2 Ice Dragon and 2 Retreat, deploy both ice dragons, retreat both of them, and re-deploy them, and it'll count. You don't have to win, but you must deploy 4 that game.
    "Win a game with 4 units with flight" - you have to win. This isn't specific on whether you have to deploy them or not. I've never really experimented, just deployed them anyway just to be safe. Either way, you rarely get this - usually it's win a game with a Full Faction battlegroup.
  16. Vrcic

    Vrcic New Member

    Is there a full list of Heroic Achievements outside of the client? Some are cut off in the unity client and the ability is unreadable resulting in not knowing what ability is needed......

    I am also assuming that this is the only client now too?
  17. Senshu

    Senshu Administrator Octopi

    There isn't an official list, but the display space for the heroic achievements is something that is being increased with the next patch.
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  18. Pylat

    Pylat The King of Potatoes

    I have question about Heroic Achievements.

    I've been trying to complete All Together Now (Deploy 1 or more champions with a Boost ability.) I have 18/40 but I feel like I should have more. On some games, I get more than one point, so I thought to myself "Play games that allow you enough time to spam all your champs and get as many boost champions out as possible." If I remember correctly, this logic is correct, as sometimes I'll get 2 points for a game, or at least I'm currently under that impression. However, last game yielded me 1, even though I summoned 2 Dwarven Engineers and 1 Dwarven Handler.

    In cases like these, do you get rewarded the more champions you play per game or is it 1 point per game?

    EDIT: Just played another game, The Angels Descend, and after summoning 2 of the aforementioned champions, I didn't get any points...
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  19. darklord48

    darklord48 Forum Royalty

    Playing more than the minimum number of champs with an ability is still one game meeting that minimum.
  20. StarOfMeg

    StarOfMeg New Member


    I'm a new player and I'm trying to complete this Heroic quest in Steam to no avail:
    Demi-God's Training - Play a training game

    What does it mean? I have played all modes except for PVP and it's stuck on 0/20.
    I have also played a Custom Game with 4 Demi-God runes against the PC and it's still stuck on 0/20...

    I also have this quest:
    Demi-God's Tribute - Play a PVP game

    I still didn't try to play a PVP game, but my intuition tells me that just playing a PVP game with 4 Demi-Gods
    won't be enough.

    So, what are the hidden requirements for these quests?

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