Hotfix: June 30th, 2017

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    Greetings Everyone,

    A new hotfix has been deployed to Pox Nora. This hotfix is all server related, so PC, PS4, and Mac players will all get the benefits of this change.

    • The issue causing Custom Bot matches to occasionally stay on the loading screen indefinitely has now been fully isolated and will no longer occur. This ended up being related to the system that allowed bots to use Player Decks. For the time being bots will not use player decks until a new system can be implemented.
    • All players will now correctly receive League Rewards when reaching a new league. These rewards will appear as packs in the Marketplace Rewards section of the lobby when they are awarded.
    • Daily and Heroic Quest will now properly give track progress and award the correct rewards upon completion for all players.
    • The ability Rapid Growth will now correctly start on cooldown and will go on cooldown when activated.
    Note: All missed rewards from the League and Quest issues have not yet been retroactively rewarded. We want to make absolutely sure these are 100% not happening for anyone before giving out any compensation.

    Steam Summer Sale

    The Steam Summer Sale is still active until the 5th of July so make sure you pick up the Pox Nora Steam Bundles before they return to their normal prices.



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