How much would cost to buy this game ?

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    I know this game is abandoned. But, if we could buy it. How much would cost ?
  2. darklord48

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    500 per art piece, over 2000 runes, over 1 million on that alone, if the numbers that have been mentioned previously are correct.

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    Hmm I'm not sure about this math. If the arts are already "attached" in the whole package (game) Poxnora. Wouldn't make sense still count the value of each art.
    And if this is the right way of making this numbers, the old runes arts would probably change their prices due the time (years) ?!

    If look into the brute value. 1 Million Trumps, in the state the game is right now, it would still be this price ? The game is dead already.

    Well, my question about the price still persists. Can't believe in one million.
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    I think you also have to consider that whoever is in charge of selling the game will take into account how much the game will possibly make in the future if a third party were to buy it. This estimate would depend on the buyer's assets, net worth, and connections in the industry. If it were purchased by a reputable game company for example, you'd likely be looking at more than if it were purchased by an independent indie game creator because there's a greater chance that they will turn the game around and make a profit off it.
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    Back of the envelope: Suppose you were making a game that needed lots of content. The cheapest way to get art is to have your own artist on staff. Let's say you've got an absolute machine that can pump out a good quality piece in 2 days.
    Good experienced artist salary: $75k
    Working full time for 47 weeks = 329 days, or 165 pieces of art per year.
    To get 2000 pieces of art would take 12.15 years
    Total salary paid: $911k, or about $1 million

    Paying a million is actually much cheaper as there are no other associated costs like office space, insurance, equipment etc. Not to mention you get it all immediately and don't risk a delay while waiting for the artist to finish.

    Then there are the sprites, game server code, an almost working client, rune designs, lore text, maps, website...

    GAIAMASTERakaNANI The King of Potatoes

    Get it. But the people who owns this game atm, must have in mind that this game is not profitable anymore. Do you think DOG staff or anyone who owns this still making any profits ?
    The game has lots of bug, and problems the person X who is buying must come to an agreement with the owners, to take in mind that fixing the game would cost money too. Or do you think that's something entirely problem of the next owner ?
    I got all the info that you came up. But, i still can't come with those values since the actual state of the game.

    Thx Capi ! In your oppinion. What would be better ? A full paid artist working in your company/for you to the design the art. Or buying art pieces from random artists ? Having in my mind, that the next expansion we would be going to release a 8-10 runes per faction. And releasing expasions every 5-6 months.
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    - This is like saying a used car is worth the price of its parts brand new. Not a great analogy but it fits. Problem with intellectual and internet property is everyone wants to add/subtract it's "potential" worth when it suits their agenda.

    p.s. Also art is even more murky... If I want a dragon with black wings and you only have a dragon with blue wings ... it's not worth the same to me. That's not even taking into account "quality" which is a whole other mess of subjectivity.

    p.s.s. Like does anyone remember how much a Neo Geo cost when it came out? Now try to ask someone to pay 20 dollars for that system now. I could post all the engineers salary and assets individual cost but that dont mean Bane Shift in an open market tbh
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    The big thing to keep in mind is that there is a difference between the assets of a company and its intellectual property (in this case, the "art" of PoxNora vs the "code" of Poxnora vs the "idea" of PoxNora).

    It's a bit different than a brick and mortar business as the physical assets of those companies can be easily disseminated from the other's - thus you can have someone come in and buy your company for the "brand" but liquidate your assets because he doesn't need your chairs - what he really wants is your customer base.

    In the case of PoxNora, let's imagine a scenario where you somehow acquired JUST the art. You now have a bunch of art of dragons and hairless ratmen. Dragons you can still call Dragons, but you couldn't call them Vindrax and Vex, etc. since those names and ideas are the intellectual property of PoxNora which you didn't acquire. On the other hand, if you acquired the IP of PoxNora, you could throw the art out and make new version of Vindrax if you wanted.
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    - Yeah great points. . . so which cost more and which is worth more is sort of the interesting debate that changes over time. Imo, the art is great but was contracted already for a different purpose... I'd think if anyone was even remotely interested you would unload that Bane Shift asap but my guesses your not gonna unload or break any of it ... it will just sit as a total package in the interwebs like many other dead games. More trouble then it's worth to bust up... and not worth the price to acquire reasonably.
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    It's worth what it takes to get the leaked server files u cant sniff or reverse engineer , then run an "emulator" where US law can't reach even if the owner/s could afford to contest legally.

    GAIAMASTERakaNANI The King of Potatoes

    Thanks for response Soko. I dont know if i will get "that" ammount of money. Or even if this is just a "dream talk". Since the value is astronomic if we transfer to R$ (Brazilian Currency/Money). But my idea was to maintain all the art, throw away some, but renew the graphics/sprites to a more recent and better looking. Remake 80% of the runes. And change the actual/past way of monetize the game itself (the way Pox make money). Well... it would be a lot of changes. But reading those replies including @Thbigchief up here. Does it really worth buying Pox ? Or making something similar from zero ?

    PS* Sorry if some words or sentences are wrong, i'm trying my best to keep up the conversation in english :)
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    All of this is dream talk. Repeated attempts have already been made to contact Desert Owl Games around buying the game and there have been no responses.

    GAIAMASTERakaNANI The King of Potatoes

    Well, this is sad. But i doubt if someone really came up, with that money. I'd bet those DOG's would come asap.
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    Glad I jumped over these psychological barriers at a young age.

    I respect everyone wanting to keep the general integrity of Poxnora alive, my advice to the creatives out there.

    Make your own message in a bottle; we all die and nothing is guaranteed. You know, like the Day’s Break...
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    Well, unfortunately, none of the answers are sufficient. If you're to buy this game, it would based on the past year's sales alone. This is the monetary value someone can put on this because there's no proof of value other than in sales. No real investor is going to put their money into it unless it can show that money comes out of it.

    GAIAMASTERakaNANI The King of Potatoes

    Can we sue DoG or something ? For like... letting the game die or bad management.
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    That's funny man, read the EULA....

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    I did this in about 30 seconds, who wants to sign me up for making new pox art?


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