How to easily post your decks.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gnomes, Jul 31, 2016.

  1. Hierokliff

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    Hmm i miss running windows 7/8, then i could just use windows+s and activate OneNote's snipping tool, it was so much faster and easier then windows tool. Especially when trying to get menues etc or mouseover functions.
    But someone thought, hey lets make windows+s a hotkeyfunction in windows, and while at it, lets upgrade OneNote... pffft.
  2. Phynixe

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    Honestly, I just use gyazo. Plain and simple.
  3. aseryen

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    Microsoft Edge you can save right from the browser. I'm fairly certain there's a tutorial on how to useit when you instal MEdge.

    Screenshot on your phone works well too.
  4. Kampel

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    Bump again, this info helps a lot for the New client feedback, bug report, bg sharing, etc. i think this should be stickied.
  5. Gnomes

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    i stickied my snip tool to my Tool/task bar , makes things easy, i use it all the time, and this way you dont have to go to your run bar, you can just click it and its there
  6. OriginalG1

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    you can copy image in snip and paste it in forums, no need to save.
  7. Gnomes

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