Huh, this game still exists after all.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ohmin, Mar 10, 2020.

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    Probably. Maybe...



    I came in after Octopi, when SOE had it (and was still SOE), went through the transition with the owls, left after it was clear they gave up... came back today to see a post in November saying Octopi has it again. Obviously, three developers will have three different opinions on where they want a game to go, let alone three different development companies. A lot of people loved/hated what SOE did to their Octopi game, and likewise what the owls did with their SOE game.

    Since I wasn't around when Octopi was in charge (I understand some of those guys have held varying degrees of influence/control at different points?), I was wondering if those veterans that made it through all these different changes could give their opinions on what one might expect, if anything, from the new ownership... other than someone to keep paying to keep the forums up, apparently a possible re-release of the Flash client, and an artbook... assuming they follow through on their months-old announcement.

    For the time being it sounds mostly like they just want to keep the server running and fundraise some new games based on the IP (a boardgame version of Poxnora? sounds interesting anyway); which is fine by me.

    Either way, I wish the game and people who've kept enjoying it well.
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    Of course it still exists - we even still get newcomers. We just use the Discord server to communicate and stay active instead of forums or ingame chat.
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    i beat @Markus422 with a fesh/worm deck this weekend :cool:
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    I expect nothing.
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    So it's just like the dating game for you then?

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