Hyaenid Healing?

Discussion in 'Shattered Peaks' started by lungz421, Mar 26, 2014.

  1. lungz421

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    I'm fairly new to playing SP and only play Nids cuz i think theyre fun, lol but i notice a kind of lack of healing in the theme, I can use the tempest crown or whatever for life siphon, whitchdoctor can use relieve for slight healing and semi cleanse...and i geuss the staff of solstice i believe gives shamans and priests the heal mass 2 for all of 6 points of healing. IDK i played a lot of IS so im probably just spoiled with their rampant Global Healing of 12-18, lol but do Nids have another healing option? anything with Divine Favor? or Heal Champ/Mass 3? Just curious not really complaining
  2. Paper Skull

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    Generally speaking, no.

    IS is the healing faction, so it might be a little jarring. Way back when there was very little healing and 0 cleanse for all of the wrath factions, but they've eased up on it since.
  3. GabrielQ

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    nublinz surprise pies is a good healing source
  4. Raikan

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    Your best sources of champion healing a probably Mika, Solstice, Kanen Cultist, Peaks Doombringer, Ritual Cultist and...that new moga. None of them are close to on par with the type of protectorate healing that you're talking about and none are hyaenid, though. Surpise pies is pretty good for a spell healing source...30 nora for 50 hp of healing, and the relics can contest. But you've got to spend the AP rounding them up.
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  5. lungz421

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    Lame, I may try to work the staff or the Pies in somewhere... as of now i suppose the Tempest Crown works out on the multi attackers or the big hitters... so at least its something
  6. Raikan

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    Just deploy another champion. It's sort of like healing, in the sense that it adds more champion hp to the board, and it takes advantage of the font bonus. Consider solstice (35 nora) vs. deploying a mud elemental (65 nora that is roughly 59 nora after accounting for ff bonus). Mud elemental will add 56 hp to the board, 61 w/ banner. Solstice will add how much extra hp to the board? Obviously that depends on how long the champ lives, how long the equip isn't shattered, what the other champs are around it, etc. but will it end up adding 60% of mud elemental's health? In terms of nora, you might be better off just focusing on deploying SP champs (where SP is very strong) rather than healing (where SP is kind of weak).
  7. lungz421

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    that would be fine i suppose for a Full Faction strat, but in a pure Nids theme, at some points, it would be nice to heal a particular guy, not just let him die... i geuss thats just not really an option at this point for the Nids... *frown*
  8. Sirius

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    I don't believe ALL themes should have ALL key abilities (detection, shatter, heal etc.) necessarily available to them in theme. Instead of asking that all themes be created completely self sufficient and isolated from the rest of the Runes (because they wouldn't NEED any other Runes), why not expect each theme to have their own individual playstyles instead, with their strengths and weaknesses?
    Accept the Hyaenid's lack of healing! Embrace their strengths instead! (Or if they REALLY bother you that much because of that, perhaps looks for something else to play?) Also keep in mind that you can dedicate a little bit of deck space to covering their lackings (like healing if you wish) WITHOUT having the deck suffer that much because of it.

    EDIT: I like pie, pie is good. And it's awesome when your allies can eat whatever flavour they want (apple pie ftw!), rather than...uh, mystery filling pie o_O.
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  9. borice45

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    U can get solace staff with mass heal. Lots of hyanieds are shamans and it also offers utility
  10. MadLotar

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    Pies are probably a better option than the staff, they offer more healing per champ and a relic drop.
  11. Emries

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    Sure Nids are totally made for healing - just look at this guy with his.... healing...

    deficiency: http://poxbase.com/#!/champion/1219

    But yeah, Staff is a good choice but Pies are better for utility :p

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