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  1. themacca

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    So i've been contemplating a BG like this and im noticing a pretty heavy flaw in this intended racial alliance. Which is probably the reason the Djinn aren't really being used at all.

    Basically While the Djinn are made to support the hyaenids, there really isn't a single hyaenid at all that has any kind of synergy with the Djinn. Previously this stuff would be run together more when you could at least use Sustain: Unstoppable in order so super power your serf units. But now it's really just useless, the only real benefit you get now is spirit channeling.

    So maybe change some of the nids to interact with elementals some more. Maybe some leverage elemental, or surge or anything like that just to kind of encourage running the two of them together.
  2. themacca

    themacca Master of Challenges

    also. why the Bane Shift is peaks dao so expensive.
  3. Gnomes

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    I miss being able to have a dgin hyaenid bg
  4. Netherzen

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    I think it would be best if hyenids and djinn were not a thing.Hyenids are self sufficent and djinns can help form an elemental theme within SP.
  5. Raikan

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    I miss the old Peaks Dao. He was very effective. Init 2, Glorious Leap, and Hold the Line to contest/synergize with avalanche/knockback and allow a 5 AP double tap. I think it's because Hold the Line is overcosted, that Djinn ability makes him (and every Djinn) overcosted in bgs without hyaenids (poor design putting abilities that are useless outside of theme bgs on base, imo), and Flight.

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