Ignorant Turtle - Champion Idea

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    Image; a terrified and small mould-covered turtle getting away from a ruckus as fast as it can.

    FS - Nora Cost; 35

    Some of the swamp's inhabitants have never left their mouldy corners of the world and know nothing of nora or magic, only their own simpler ways. With the wars the innocent are having to mobilize too.

    Attack; 0
    Speed; 4
    Range; 1
    Defense; 1
    HP; 35

    Uncivilised; Whenever this champion would take magic damage it becomes stunned 2.
    Scarper; The first time each turn an enemy champion uses AP in any way this champion gains 1 AP.
    Tortun shell
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  2. Alakhami

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    imo make it a normal champ, perhaps melee beater.
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