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    The most useful tool in the goblins disposal is and has always been the musical greatness of the goblin kings that have ruled. It's law in goblin code to listen to one of the goblin kings songs while cracking open the enemy
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    Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 08.17.51.png

    I played a challenge last night with my Gobbo deck as above vs a meta SP deck. It was fantastic fun. Lasted maybe an hour and all the Gobbo tricks came out.

    I was up against a good meta deck with 2x Peaks Ifreet, Mika, Vert Push, Bracelet, etc. We both made mistakes but the Gobbos won in the end. If anyone has recorded it then it's worth watching for some good Gobbo play and several Gobbo schoolboy errors.

    It's true what you say that there are only few you actually want to see out and the rest are fodder. But remember the mindset... ALL Gobbos are expendable. Usually to Goblin Bombs. Especially Cropsicks. With death explosion.

    The approach i take is to run lots of little guys with a couple of big hitters (Kings and Gloombringers).

    The key elements are...

    Brutes out early for the Call to Arms
    Cropsicks out early to do what they can then for the eventual explosion.
    Rocksacks out early, even if you don't need the seism / shatter as the three guys are crazy once active together.

    Gloom bringers and Kings out a little later once several Gobbos on the board so you can pull Goblin Bomb on the Cropsick then Mindslicer for a kill plus splash damage. Kings not TOO late as you want to get the best random upgrade from Sovereign Bounty.

    Spellkaiser for font harassment and then team him with a Gloombringer for the swap double tap plus Avarice on the Gloombringer for the manic.

    Rocksack out early for the meat and ap gen. Or hold them for the seism / shatter but you double up with ruin on the Collector and pilfer on the Stickyfingers, so don't be scared to just deploy the Rockpack.

    Stickyfingers if you need a pilfer or for harassment. Target for the Cloak of Long Knives.

    Archers, Dirtbags for support. Encouraged is great mid to late game.

    Avarice always goes on Kings or Gloombringers.
    Cloak on Stickyfingers or Gloombringer.
    Arachnablade on Collector and he Ruins the occasional egg.

    The spells are pretty much geared towards buffing multi target benefit (Drain Vitality) or damage (Superiority - watch for spiders). I want to utilise the high number of goblins so Mindslicer is good. Goblin Bomb is KEY and ideally on Cropsick. Mandate on Gloombringer or whoever needs it.

    Remember that this is a tournament deck some some key 'meta' spells are in my other deck. This is VERY Gobbo themed. If I had access to all runes I would likely drop a Dirtbag and the Cloak for Split Personality and Price of Victory.

    Banner of course.

    You know, I think you make a good shout ref the Arsonist and his alt attacks. I will swap one in for a Dirtbag. A Teenage one.

    Watch out, there's Gobbos about!
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  3. MaruXV

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    try it, you ll never go back to full UD ;)
  4. Fentum

    Fentum I need me some PIE!

  5. Voidtrain

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    I do like the idea of running the wizard synergy items with Goblins but I feel like there are too many UD runes that synergize super well. You miss out on goblin bomb and avarice if you want another factions spells and such.
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  6. Fentum

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    For me, Gobbos have some of the very best synergy of any race, class, etc. in the game, but it’s less obvious. Not simply ‘amp’ , ‘battleleader’, etc rather a style of play that snowballs and combos well.
  7. TheBulwark

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    @Fentum why would you run swap over cauterize on spellkaizer? Stopping healing and cleansing is amazing
  8. Fentum

    Fentum I need me some PIE!

    Try it out. Spellkaiser hits then swaps other champ in for the double tap. Killing the enemy is one way to restrict his healing! Especially if the swapped champ has avarice. Triple tap. Gobbos are VERY tricksy like that.

    Swap is a SUPER powerful ability.
  9. TheBulwark

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    ahhh... that issss tricksy!!! me like
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  10. Voidtrain

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    I prefer cauterize, because it also makes the opponent dead. It's not on the attack chain and defile is very powerful, especially in the overabundance of heal/cleanse spam currently in the meta.
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