Indictments by Administration

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  1. Sokolov

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    Donald Trump: 6 people indicted, 6 people convicted, 3 sent to prison already (so far)

    Barack Obama: 0 people indicted, 0 people convicted, 0 served time in prison.

    George W. Bush: 16 people indicted, 9 people convicted, 9 people imprisoned.

    Bill Clinton: 3 people indicted, 2 people convicted, 2 people imprisoned.

    George HW Bush: 1 person indicted, 1 person convicted, 1 person imprisoned.

    Ronald Reagan: 26 people indicted, 16 people convicted, 8 people imprisoned.

    Jimmy Carter: 1 person indicted, 0 people convicted, 0 people imprisoned.

    Gerald Ford: 1 person indicted, 1 person convicted, 1 person imprisoned.

    Richard Nixon: 76 people indicted, 55 people convicted, 15 people imprisoned.
  2. Geressen

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    I think Nixon has the high score per year.
  3. st3ck

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    We should elect Trump again and show him that he's not winning this graph.
  4. Extinctshun

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    These figures could simply mean that the conservatives or getting rid of the most corruption.
  5. Geressen

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    you're joking right?
  6. Sokolov

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  7. Extinctshun

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    Okay Nixon I definitely get.

    You realize wikipedia isnt a credible source right? Lol
  8. Sokolov

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    You realize that Wikipedia are pretty good about sourcing all their content so you can go back to the primary sources and decide for yourself right?

    There is never going to be a single unbiased source that satisfies everyone.
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  9. Sokolov

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    Also, calling out a source without any arguments is the equivalent of shouting "FAKE NEWS!"

    All it means is that you have nothing of value to say.
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  10. super71

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    What people don't seem to get, is why is the media and all the long term politicians so worried about Trump ? Why are they so inclined to try and remove him, is this the future of American politics ? If a Democrat get's elected are Republicans just going to try and impeach at all times ?

    Why are they trying to impeach Trump over something as silly as a payoff to hookers or porn stars ? Why is it wrong Trump did this as a citizen and not a politician, yet politicians, business men and women, and athletes do this every day ?

    It's either one of two things with Trump removing all these people

    He's either really really a Bane Shift guy and needs to be removed

    Or he is removing people that have a sketchy past, and or are feeding insider information.

    Why are we talking so much about gun control and illegal immigrants, it's almost as if a certain candidate promised they would win and they would remove people's rights to own guns and let in all the illegals if they won. Almost as if someone was supposed to win to finish off the job that someone else started. Plenty of shootings happened under Obama, plenty of illegals were detained and returned to their countries when Obama was president, why is it okay for Democrats and not Republicans ?

    Why are their so many double standards that are never talked about ? We keep looking for anything to link Trump and Russia, yet we have links with Hilary and Obama to Russia, yet nothing ever happened ? Ultimately very puzzling to me as an outside thinker and not a closed minded individual.

    If I were trying to rule the world, the first thing i'd do is destabilize the stronger wealthier nations, i'd divide it's citizens by politics, race, sex etc. I would flood them with illegals for cash drain and as inside men for terror attacks and distractions, my next step would be to eliminate people's rights to own guns, and finally I would install my own people to get involved in government positions.

    Were all pawns while we sit here and squabble while all the real Bane Shift happens, divide, divide, divide, silly sheep. Gonna be far too late by the time you all stop being followers. Trump is a threat because he's not a career politician, he's not a political elite, and he's not one of the people behind the scenes pulling strings.

    You can all laugh and laugh at this, but it's ultimately what's going on. People that deny deny deny are typically either part of the problem, or sheep. If Trump goes down, it will be the end of Europe, and it will be the end of America and the West.

    Sok is and always has been a farm for information, never any good information about America either. It's almost like he's American but hates every aspect of it, very odd for an immigrant coming from a not so great country to constantly rag about the country that took him in and gave him opportunity. Easiest way to divide a people is send people in with a purpose to divide.
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  11. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    Or worst possible scenario, i'm wrong Trump is bad and they are all working together to start a civil war and declare martial law to take away peoples guns and then their freedoms.
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  12. Geressen

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    reading supes is like reading flat earther stuff. no matter how insane it just gets boring after a while.
  13. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    :) yet you still read it

    I'm curious though, do you think the media is indeed a friend or ally of the people ? Why does the media always side with one side and not the other ? Common sense tells me Democrats have more power when it comes to what information is put out, and that was shown when Hilary received some debate questions. I've also taken note that more Democrats have friends that are tv producers, actors, actresses, which is all forms of media or information. So why is it hard to recognize that maybe the media put a lot of eggs "Hilary" in one basket and very few in the other ? Very soon though even fox which is considered far right news will be more left leaning if not totally liberal, in which case you will no longer have someone to argue something from the other side.

    What stifles intelligence is often the ability to see beyond one select groups way of doing things, often their is another side that has a better way of doing something, however we will never reach that point without always having two or more sides to one argument, topic, or idea.

    I believe the earth is round, I believe it has been scientifically proven, now if we were to debate us landing on the moon in an era when we couldn't figure out cell phones or the internet that's another topic entirely.

    The problem is my mind goes a thousand different ways, it could be a character flaw or it can be a great gift. When you see one thing, one way, I see one hundred things, one hundred ways. I'll admit it's hard for me to compartmentalize these things sometimes, which makes it hard for me to explain my points in a way you will understand them.
  14. Geressen

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    so are you asking if all media is american?
  15. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    I'm asking if you believe that the America media isn't one sided. Do you believe they give Trump a fair shake when it comes to things ? Do you believe Trump was given debate questions, do you see celebrities visiting Trump party's before his election ? To me, the media is one entity, holly wood, news outlets, that's why you still see SNL and these late night show "comedias" going after him night in and night out. My goodness, look at Alec Baldwin, he's out fighting people in the streets and barely a peep out of the media about that, or Pete Davidson talking about Trump and making fun of the the military veteran who lost an eye, and then Davidson is sending weird cryptic tweets sounding suicidal. Now why would I ever want to align myself with hypocrites and people that are clearly not in their right mind at all ? Or vote for Obama and the Clintons who are known friends of Weinstein, and Pelosi ? You keep saying all conservatives are bad and all republicans, yet look at the people that Democrats get into bed with ? I've always been willing to acknowledge their are people that are liberal that are still very good people, and that is the difference between the two sides as Democrats and the left don't see things that way.

    I don't think Trump's a great guy by any means, but people didn't vote for him to be a great guy and kiss ass, they voted for him to see change, which is what we have seen already. He got in because he wasn't a career politician and was refreshing in politics which is what people needed for them to start caring about and paying attention to what goes on around them. People were tired of politicians that said one thing and did nothing for the people, people were tired of the political correct bullshit that is taking away more and more civil liberties everyday. If I had a choice between a guy that never spoke his mind, or a guy that said Firk it i'm doing it my way, i'll pick the second over and over again, even though believe it or not I didn't vote for Trump i'm glad he got in.

    That statue stays honoring a dude that killed dozens of Americans and it's the conservatives fault that it was gonna be taken down, yet all the southern statues were taken down and no mention of liberals or democrats ? Were rewriting history and people are just watching it pass by, you ever hear the victor get's to write history =). I'm sure history books will be next to change, not even mentioning the war between the north and south, and in 200 years or so history will repeat itself, most likely with whites being the slaves that time around. Maybe it's done to keep a sort of balance between the world, i'm not entirely sure, maybe a different race is supposed to lead every couple centuries, rinse and repeat.
  16. nepyonisdead

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    I just find it hilarious how trump's lawyer is the one getting sent to the man should have a working understanding of the law, and to think he jeopardised himself by actually breaking the law for trump is just sad. I never understand people who stand behind him to this day, as the man has never been loyal to anything in his life and has been quick to distance himself from people who got in trouble for advancing his agenda. The chickens are coming home to roost and I cant wait to see the end of this ''reality TV show''.
  17. Geressen

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    @super71 the media is all one entity? lol

    Also are you equating statues put up by white supremacists and the klan in response to civil rights for blacks to a gift given by the mexican goverment because you think pancho is offensive for killing a mere 30 americans (like half a school shooting) and causing the US to go for a 9 month illegal invasion of a foreign country? ( always pulling the same move eh, merryca?)

    take your false equivalencies and shove em up.
  18. calisk

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    interesting figures, I was under the unresearched impression trump was an annomaly, seems he's about par for the course.
  19. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    Your misunderstanding again, I could give a Firk about the statues themselves. However the fact that we keep rewriting history, means it's doomed to repeat itself somehow. Those Confederate statues show a place this country never wants to go back to for the majority of white Americans, take down those statues and were pretending like it didn't happen, those statues are a constant reminder that America ****ed up royally, take those statues away and in 100 years we can pretend it didn't happen. Do you understand now ? I don't care for the statues as a symbol of white Supremacy, I care for them as a reminder from where we came from and the strides we have made since.

    Again though, please continue thinking i'm some terrible racist for whatever reason, despite no evidence ever proving I am in anyway shape or form.
  20. darklord48

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    If the statues were erected not long after the war, I would agree with you. When most of the statues didn't go up until nearly a hundred years later, it's probably not there as a reminder of the horrible things Americans did to each other.

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