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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Imba, Nov 13, 2018.

  1. Imba

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    Found Gedden's github: <- (who would have guessed?)

    Looks like there were essentially zero commits up until october of this year then he suddenly started working on a project called 'WeaponFighter'. If I'm not mistaken he was the C.E.O of DoG, the head honcho, the big kahuna. Maybe someone can use this information, I just thought it was interesting to see new activity from the ghost.
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    Justin Felker is on there also. Justin was also a founder of DOG and has his website linked to github. Gedden, however, does not have any contact info listed and obviously wishes to be left alone.

    For the record, in the Buying Poxnora thread, I mention that Justin Felker is one of the people I tried to e-mail.
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    Dwarven Noble's history comes to mind after clicking that link. Gedden's papa taught him how to code and iirc, that unit is inspired by his old man, somewhat. Fitting that he uses it as his avatar. I think he still cares about Pox, deep down.
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