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Discussion in 'Ironfist Stronghold' started by GabrielQ, Mar 5, 2014.

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    I wish the forums had a dislike button. So I could vote burnpyros down like everyone on League forums would do.
  2. only

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    so ijambkaja you somehow seemed surprised that people want Tales of Valor to be nerfed or was it just me?
  3. Anotherblackman

    Anotherblackman I need me some PIE!

    Any spell that requires your champion to be borderline dead to receive maximum effect will never be overpowered.

    If that was the case, fury of kain taris + this spell would be destroying the meta.

    If you get something that low, finish it.
  4. BurnPyro

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    Wish ferocity give me +5 damage on the spot as well for less nora
  5. Anotherblackman

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    Lets change it. Give tales of valor perseverance and the defense portion buff. remove the damage.

    Lets see how comparable 5 damage is if you can't kill bastion the avenger, barbarian blood frenzy parties, rugolths revenge, angels, trolls, clockworkswarm.

    The "problem" with Valor is the fact that courage is godly on the perfect target while being usable in any situation you leave an attendant squire alive with 9 hp. To me thats not even a problem, thats just a well rounded spell.

    Either way I dislike replying to you so save your usual nitpicking "Everyone is wrong and im the Dexter" mentality that is incoming.

    Matter of fact bastion the avenger is to expensive... Grintmaw rockslinger would be more potent with that exact effect.
  6. Axeraiser

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    I don't think anyone here has actually defended the font bonus or claim that it is indeed not OP. Most people are pointing out that our strong font bonus is relative to the fact that we have the only situational, and honestly worst faction bonus. If you can't see that then you are indeed naive.
  7. BurnPyro

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    Then whatever iajab is going on about, the usual "IS is so bad & they're out to get us herp derp"
  8. Tarth

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    Why don't we remove all font bonuses? They arnt needed, and seem to just make issues come about being weak/op yada yada. Fonts clearly dont need to give more then nora and deployment ( Id say dont even need deployment but meh)
  9. Baskitkase

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    Burn, you gotta choose man. Am I going to be a condescending *******? Am I going to be a worthless troll? Am I going to participate constructively? All this identity change really has me confused. Gotta pick one for each thread and stick with it, otherwise you just come across like tapioca pudding, people might pretend to like it, but no one takes them or the pudding seriously.

    Anyways, on topic:

    The problem was definitely not the bonus. The game was played with the bonus for a looooong time before it became a problem. The problem was speed creep and individual runes/abilities that came about, and then came about more frequently as time went on. That goes for all factions. Now, the easiest way to reign in that problem is to dump on the IS and ST font bonuses and the KF faction bonus.

    The maps grid size simply doesn't support the speed at which champions can move in this game, currently. Something definitely needs to be done. I do not think that it is realistic to adjust the entire runeset of the game back to a point where the average speed was less than 6. The changing of the font bonus for IS and ST and the faction bonus for KF are a great way to even the playing field for all factions as far as speed is concerned.

    From there, we'd still have to look at abilities and certain runes, but it would be a massive step in the right direction.

    You'd need to adjust some champs, sure - Xirone did speed analysis and it showed that both IS and KF were getting lower base speed releases over time (UD gets lower base damage on melee champions). The game is, indeed, balanced around the faction/font bonuses. Legendary releases and Exo's in large releases are largely equal across all factions on speed (unless they got an ability of some sort that needs attention). It's mainly the older stuff and a few of the slower runes from more recent full size releases that could use a bump. Not really a big deal IMO.

    I get that people are resistant to change, but I think you really need to frame it differently, pick one:
    1. I'd rather play a game with a very low or no chance of draw wins happening.
    2. I'd rather play a game with a very high chance of draw wins happening.
    If you chose 2 then you are in a minority in this game. People do not like losing because of what was deployed vs. what you have as an option to deploy. That's not fun. It makes people drop the game very quickly. If you chose 1, then part of that process is to change the IS font bonus.

    If all they did was come out and change the IS font bonus, then pack up the tents and leave, we'd be in trouble. And I think that some of you are fearing this. I don't believe DOG to be that dumb. I think if they did something like this, they'd hit all the areas, they'd do all the necessary adjustments (both speed ups and speed downs and ability adjustments). If they did this it wouldn't really feel like you've lost anything in any game accept where you tried to draw win your opponent or your opponent tried to draw win you, and in those cases you'd lose the ability to win effortlessly or get beaten effortlessly.

    As far as where to go with the font bonus? Jazz's ideas are a fine start. Let them say "this is happening, talk about it" and I'll participate more. Until then it doesn't really matter and if they don't want to make that statement then Jazz's ideas will do fine.
  10. Pedeguerra

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    Baskits post is the most accurate one regarding how I feel about the subject - reason why I didn´t say anything until now.
    The thing is, if you guys think that touching IS/ST font bonus and KF faction bonus alone will solve anything you are very naive.
    For this initiative to work one would have to realise how many/which units accross each factoin achieve the "8+ spaces of movement on first turn", and that includes a plethora of abilities from the more simplistic ones like leap or exertion, to more "complicated" ones like Dune Walker (op) ability to grant Tunnel: Sand for 0 AP.
    All of those need to be addressed, not simply accross 3 factions. That´s why we should save the discussion for when the Owlz really decide to do something about it.
    If you guys knew how many hours we spent on discussing this without nothing being done you would be more patient when dealing with this.
  11. BurnPyro

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    As said, if I were naive enough to think that the majority of the IS forum users were to be able to participate in a discussion without bringing up how bad IS is or how they're always the ones getting nerfed I would bother writing a constructive post.

    Also, I can choose who to be in what thread at any given time. I don't see why I can't be constructive in one thread and shake my head in another
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    I would hardly call 2-3 players the majority.
  13. bioalchemy

    bioalchemy Member my nearly unbeatable is/fs rush bg will be less unbeatable. I'm sad but it did honestly need to change. That early ap gain was just too strong.
  14. GabrielQ

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    Good point, the boghoppers have 8 speed champions because they need it to compete with IS, ST and KF, and you can say the same of about every faction. Removing IS font bonus should go along with the reduction of these things (in this case leap 3 in 7 speed boghoppers).
  15. Nora That

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  16. Dresnar20365988

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    Pretty much this. IS has the worst faction bonus in the game. It is useless vs decks that don't focus on spell spam. 1/3 rd of games are against decks with no AOE dmg spells. IS font bonus was strong to compenstate for worst faction bonus.
  17. Dresnar20365988

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    Burnpyro why are u here? Every post you have put in this thread has been unproductive, trolling, and all around useless. Your opinion is nearly worthless in this discussion due to your very public view that you wish IS to be nerfed to non existence. Do us all a favor, including yourself, and move along.

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