Jane Roe, from Roe v. Wade, paid by the right wing to be anti-abortion

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    Some backstory for those unfamiliar with the case: "Jane Roe" was the woman who was the plaintiff in the famous Roe v. Wade landmark decision that ultimately made abortion legal in the United States. This took place in 1973.

    In 1995, Jane Roe (a pseudonym) said she had changed her mind and was a "born again Christian" and started campaigning AGAINST abortion rights. This went on until 2017 when, overcome by illness, she died while filming a documentary about her life. But not before making a deathbed confession: she was paid by right-wing groups to become anti-abortion.

    And people say money isn't everything in this world lol. People will abandon their ideals at the drop of a hat if it can make them some quick bucks. Morality is dead, and America killed it.
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    Anti-abortionist and anti vaxxers are just trolls who are don't care about people it's just not about money
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    Do you know what is in vaccines?

    Do you understand that the number of vaccine shots given in certain countries is ridiculously high compared to the number of shots they gave decades ago?

    Do you understand that life begins in the womb after conception?

    Eugenicists have cultivated sterilization techniques and abortion plans for decades. Planned Parenthood makes millions hand over fist for baby parts and stem cells so that aging boomer billionaires can live out their fantasies of looking younger through medical vampirism, and black markets can sell organs.

    It is ok if this is TLDR. Just scream conspiracy theorist am I right?
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    Good luck surviving coronavirus without a vaccine stupid
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    Setting aside the dubious legitimacy of your statements, do you honestly believe that any world government (or corporation) is smart enough, powerful enough, or secure enough in their information quarantine protocols to create and maintain the kind of large-scale social engineering required to do these sorts of things? The logistical necessities would be unthinkably complex and there would undoubtedly be a leak somewhere, eventually. That's assuming they're even capable enough to put plans like these together. Humans are just too inept at controlling such a high number of variables. I take it you also believe there are aliens at Area 51?
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    Nothing he said is that unbelievably complex. The sterilization and abortion push is all about belief. People believe that abortion is right out of selfish reason. The ends justify the means here so it is easy to get these women to self regulate population growth out of selfish desire. As for the sterilization, Bill Gates had deep pockets and is openly pro sterilization and pro population reduction.
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    Not an external visible government. A shadow government with unlimited resources who operates beyond any external rule of law. Tavistock is their propoganda think tank, and they have achieved everything they have set out to do.

    Here have a read. This book retails for $583 dollars on amazon. People in charge who don't want certain information available will make it expensive to own. (Tavistock is smart enough). They have succeeded in destroying the United States morality through their musical espionage.


    As for powerful enough. The ones who run this financial shtshow live in Switzerland. They operate the Bank of International Settlements. The most powerful bank that is the lord of all banks.

    Switzerland is without a doubt the most secure country in history. They hide behind pseudo neutrality, they are the guardians of the papacy, they are the ancient knights templar, who are the royals who were once known as ancient egypt a.k.a. "the Sisters of Isis", a.k.a. "The Black Nobility". Forget the Federal Reserve or any other rabbit hole for your conspiracies. Research Switzerland.

    -There are no such things as aliens.
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    Bottom line. You are being manipulated. Two groups of people are emerging. Those who want the government to wipe their bottoms, give them a bottle, and put them to bed, and the other group of people who see a monster, a leviathan government that is being used by corrupt corporations who do not care if they turn your children into vegetables as long as they get paid. Accredited physicians and biological chemists have spoken out against the corruption and the damage that vaccines have done. You get to choose in the end. As for me I have made my decision. You can open a book and start researching or keep watching the news and take pharmaceuticals, rub another one and take a shot.
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    You been taking cocaine haven't you, because you really have bad case of paranoia
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    I would also say that morality is not dead, and America is on the verge of a third spiritual awakening. Two classes of beings exist in this realm. One order composes and creates, and the other decomposes and destroys. I am the protectorate to your wrath.
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    There are definitely aliens at area 51. They also have refused vaccination.
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    I do not believe in aliens. I have witnessed children I know develop autism after receiving the MMR vaccine. As for the abortion narrative presented the results of murdering your unborn children is self evident now that America has done it for decades.
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    oh not only that, most babies also start teething after their first vaccination. Teeth are unnatural and a result of vaccinations just like how the signs of autism in behaviour are only detectable once a child starts to devellop more complex behaviour after getting vaccines!

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