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    I'm trading 3 Coalitions Leg (KF, SP and ST) as well as 1 LE (FS) for Shattered Peaks Legendaries and Exotics!

    I'm looking for one of each of this Shattered Peaks Legendaries and Exotics:

    Shallaxy the Courier
    Voil Infernal
    Cyclops Symbiot
    Slag Overmind
    G'hern General
    Cyclops Stonecaller
    Moga Lord's Guard
    Cyclops Warwizard
    Feshcaller Mika
    Chaos Brave
    G'hern Soothsayer
    Moga Razor
    Voil Courier

    Metallic Slag
    Voil Conqueror
    Cyclops Hurler
    Voil Progenitor
    Cyclops Artificer
    Lance Admiral Sceian
    Ancient Slag
    Voil Glarewind
    Cyclops Chieftain
    Klub the Devourer
    Oozeking Slag
    Dirge, Moga Lord
    Moga Hunters
    G'hern Tyrant

    Wanna get a new Coalition Rune?! Wanna help someone to join the Shattered Peaks?!
    PM ME! ;)
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