Just saw the new "IT" film in theatre's and would love to see a Pennywise inspired art on a rune

Discussion in 'Rune Ideas and Suggestions' started by MrCharles, Sep 25, 2017.

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    Hello Pox, I am a long time off and on player posting for the first time ever here.

    Probably not the best overall thematic fit for the Pox Nora Universe and I'll understand if I am the only one interested in this idea it won't hurt my feelings. Just got back from the cinema and I couldn't wait to throw this idea up on the forum. I personally would love to see either UD or FW get a killer clown or two added to the lineup. I'll go ahead and say a full BG of killer klownz would be great to see as well. I have no fully fleshed out idea for the rune/stats/abilities/mechanics and where it might fit into the game that I can offer just yet but I wanted to see if anyone else thought this might work.

    Not artistically gifted or motivated enough to try my own hand but I linked deviant art and a pintrest page with some nightmare fuel.


    Just by the by I was pretty impressed with movie and overall it was much better film than I anticipated (I barely watch television and refused to watch any previews before the movie and I had pretty low expectations going into the experience. I'm generally pretty tough on movies (exception for time traveling mind melters which I pretty much always enjoy) and I felt this one was pretty good in a lot of areas but excellent in one particular aspect. That being it's success in creating some really slick looking otherworldly nightmare images that are disturbing enough to make you want to turn your head away while simultaneously being too captivating in their weirdness to want to look away. If that sounds like it's all your thing let me know.

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    How about a limited edition version of the Demonvein Vampyre done up as a clown? Slap a white face on it, a red nose, and... maybe a clown outfit and it would be perfect.

    Nor'ise the Clown
    "This one's hunger for blood is matched only by his obsession with balloons."

    This does not, however, replace the notion of a Clown subtheme for any faction.. Psychological Warfare and fear effects could work nicely..
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    Deep Elf Jester.

    Hp:25 Atk:7 Def:0 Sp:6 R:1-3


    Transform: Hell Tick (Turns into a Hell Tick with no upgrades, loses other abilities)



    Upgrade 1: Fear/Fear(2)/Fear(3)

    Upgrade 2: Cast: Light as a feather (THEY FLOAT!), Incoherent babbling, psychic jab
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