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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Runegod, Jun 28, 2020 at 7:56 AM.

  1. Runegod

    Runegod I need me some PIE!

    Basically having a tough time with powerful split bgs. I"m currently running bog hopper adaptive, I win most games when I play against opposing full faction bgs. Problem is, nobody is really running full faction bgs.

    Continuously I run into either a super champ bg, or I run into an sp/something split bg abusing meat spam, or super champ bgs.

    What is the solution to this in fs ? Fs damage isn't very high, they really only have a few options to stop super champs, and most of them last a turn.

    Is fs just not as powerful ? Should I just go back to using my op sp decks ? I like the swamp better, but it seems they don't get enough value from their units, or there value isn't on-par with other factions.

    Just looking for some help
  2. poxrooster

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    The answer to all your questions is yes except for going to you OP split builds. Splits builds are ruling the day. They're hard to beat except with maybe FF Meta. I never liked the OP meta, so I'd say don't go that way unless you need to win.
  3. Gnomes

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    i think that FS Semis could have a good chance. i think they are the strongest fs theme other then Psychic



    the interesting idea about the semi bg is this: if you come up against a player abusing invoke champs that are blatantly undercosted for their value(icefang, overlord), you could tell them this:

    "i play 2 mirefolk stalkers, how about we make a deal, you are not allowed to click your invoke Ability, if you do, then i will allow myself to use deep dive, an other blatantly op Ability. you will still be able to get the value from the champ when it hits half health but at least this way i have a way to play around it. i will play my mirefolk stalker as if it had normal dive, so only 6 spaces of movement"

    could be a nice way to come to a Gentlemans agreement.
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  4. MogaBait

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    I don't know enough about boghopper decks. Psychic amp and mirefolk, as Gnomes mentioned, are probably your best bet if you want to stick to FF FS themes.

    I personally run the following Salaman deck and have been able to stay competitive with it over long periods of time. It does well against summon spam decks (three sources of shattered summons) and itself is composed of cheap, efficient champs with a high damage output for dealing with high hp / super champs. Double up on weaken spells on Investigator to deal with spell spam. Spot damage increase, evasive ranks, and cooldown decreases with access to active abilities like metamorphosis, assassinate, confuse, mindwipe aura, etc. also help for dealing with common issues.


    You will have to outplay the split decks regardless.

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