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Discussion in 'Split Faction' started by Erlade, Feb 23, 2018.

  1. Erlade

    Erlade The King of Potatoes

    I'm trying to create a battlegroup centered around the Naria with a UD/KF split, but I'm having some trouble deciding on champs. This is what I have right now:


    Aspect of Life
    Elven Treecaller
    Fanatical Devotee
    Guardian of the Circle
    Light of the Circle
    Naria Flamewillow
    Naria Mindtap
    Naria Queen
    Naria Ragevine
    Naria Seedling
    Naria Strangler
    Perfected Runner
    Wood Elemental

    Acrid Smoke
    Breath of Ash
    Treefolk's Blessing

    Germination Engine
    Pride of K'Thir

    Obviously, there's a distinct lack of Underdepths champions. I'm considering trying to use some runes with blood ball abilities, such as champs with Bleed or the Globe of Deception, since that would sync well with the Narias' Vampyre race, but the non-vamps and non-demons in the BG would suffer as a result of the blood balls scattered everywhere.

    I've also thought about adding Ash the Bandit Prince, just to have a Hero in the BG, but he doesn't really fit the Naria theme.

    I suppose my main question is whether it's worth having doubles of any of the Naria champs.
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  2. Fentum

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    Double strangler
  3. Erlade

    Erlade The King of Potatoes

    Can you elaborate on why you think two Stranglers are a good idea?
  4. Fentum

    Fentum I need me some PIE!

    Reasonably cheap.
    1-3 is a lovely range.
    Scrapper gives a fair tankiness.
    Execute deals a LOT of damage.
    The steal ability thing is occasionally very useful.

    I nice little flexible tank.
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  5. Fentum

    Fentum I need me some PIE!

    Also you might add Mindslicer Boomerang and a cloak of long knives for the strangler.

    If you fancy risky stuff then brand of brutality combos well with cloak and escape magic.

    The equipment and buffs remain when escape magic procs.

    Protection is highly amusing with brand of brutality for large heals.

    Works BEST with Forest Lerper but quite good with any rogue / ranger.
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  6. Elves Rule

    Elves Rule I need me some PIE!

    KF runes you should include:

    herbal antidote
    inhibit power
    grimlic's bane

    KF runes you should not include:

    aspect of life
    germination engine

    also light of the circle is bad outside of FF and guardian of the circle is not the best choice out there
    overgrowth isn't good but you can run it if you want to, it has its uses

    I will also point out that if you intend to run pride of K'thir, you won't really want any UD champs unless there are some exact ones you're splitting to get, which you don't seem to be, and so at this point you're only going into UD for the spells/relics/equips, which I wouldn't see as being worth it.
  7. Erlade

    Erlade The King of Potatoes

    Yeah, I'm probably just gonna go full K'thir with this, so I can better utilize Devotee of De'lim.

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